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!DS, !DA AP Sneaker, Milky Planet JSK, Hoody Damaged, IW, meta , BL, cute Lou salopette and lot more

before you comment please read this:
- my feedbacks of egl sales are  here
- all payments have to be done with Paypal please
- my prices are in euro
- my prices includes pp fees but NOT shipping cost
- Sales more than 25 euro have to be shipped with tracking and insurance . If you choose without tracking and insurance, you have to send the money as gift and I wont pay any money back if the item gets lost! It´s your own risk!!
- im my house lives a chiuhuahua so please aware if you have problems with dogs´hair
- no holds , no trades right now
- priority goes to the highest offer and the person who can pay first and  who leaves paypal information - in this order
- I will screen your personal informations asap
- please pay in 24 hours - if you not responsing I will let the item go to an other person
- you don´t like my price - give me a fair offer please!
- all measurments are approx!!

Milky Planet JSK Pink 
great Condition
comes incl Waistties, tags, ribbon, fabric piece and button
fresh washed
Size :
Price: 350 ,- €
plus shipping:
Germany: 4,- Hermes
International: DHL: 16,- € inkl Tracking and Insurance- its very expensive because of its value! Sorry

Glitter is on the print after washing! Proof here
Print closer view here

Cute Lou Salopette 
can be worn as a skirt or salopette- detachable Part with snap on buttons
max waist: 80, better less, because you need room for a blouse or jumper under the salopette
max body height: recomm: 165 cm because if you re taller the skirt part will be too short on you
skirt length: 45 cm 
Price: 140,-€ plus shipping
Germany : 4,- € Hermes
International: 8,-€ incl Tr. & Insurance

It has a little "stain" in the fabric which is hardly noticeable when worn
Backside of the salopette
Lining inside
Closer view of the back pockets and here
worn by me

xtra present by me: free matching headbow!

            Bodyline Skirt with Chest Part ( is it a salopette , also? )

   size: M but it runs very small and short:
skirt waist from  60 cm  to  80 cm
skirt length 39 cm
Price: 12 ,-€ plus shipping:
Germany: 4,-€ Hermes
Inter: 5,50€  tracked and insured   


  Detail view of the upper part and detail view of the skirt print   

Bathina Skirt with Fabric from Shirley Temple
Size: german xs
max waist 65 cm
Skirt length from waist: 45 cm
Price: 33 ,-€ plus shipping:
Germany: 4,- Hermes
Intern.: 5,50 € inkl TR Ins

worn a  lot and loved it  ..its fine only the lining is a bit messed up, but you don´t see it when its worn.

backside and zipper view

Bodyline Top with cats 

Cute top with shirring in the back
size: m
max bust: 90 cm
back length 64 cm

it looks cute with a pair of jeans or over an dress
it´s not a dress - its too short for it!

Price: 8,- plus shipping:
Germ: 2,20€  in an envolepe or 4,-€ Hermes
Int.: 5,50 € inkl Tr and In

 Closer view of the front and the back incl shirring view 

Bodyline black pink check Top 

overdress its too short for a single dress!
Size M
Back length: 78 cm
max bust: 85 - no shirring
zipper in the back

Price: 10 ,-€ plus shipping
Ger.: 4,-€ Hermes
Intern.: 5,50 € incl Tr and In

closer view of the fron part

Handmade Sweatshirt jacket
but not my be ;-)

Pony Application on the back

size: xs ( german size)
max bust: 85 cm
Back length:  46 cm
sleeve length: 56 cm

condotion: not the best but still okay
a bit washed out
handmade but now by me 

Price: 10 ,-€ plus shipping:

Ger.: 4,-€ Hermes
inter.: 5,50 € incl tr & ins

Front view
closer view of the unprof.  arms ;-)
closer view front zipper

Angelic Pretty Hoody

Very very damaged and stained


don´t buye if you have a problem with this!


Backlength  43 cm
sleevelength 55 cm
bust max 87 cm

Starting Price: 17,- 
plus shipping:
Ger.: 4,-€ Hermes
Inter.: 5,50 €

 Pilling Pocket
Dirt 1 
Pilling and Missing PomPom at sleeves
other sleeve Pilling
Detail Crown
Back View

Auction ends on the 9th of September German TIME
8.00 pm
(20.00 Uhr)

Highest offer: 26 ,-€ by sakurinax3

Bodyline Caroussel Bag

  used one time
Depth 26cm
Width 33cm
Thickness 11cm

Price: 7,- € plus shipping:

Germ: 4,-€
Inter: 5,50 € incl Tr&In

closer view of the print

Bodyline white blouse 
waiting for bank transfer payment

size m

with detachable sleeves

worn and washed 3 times
max bust : 90 cm
back length 55 cm
sleeve length total: 56 cm

price: 12 ,-€ 

 plus shipping:
Germ: 4,-€
Inter: 5,50 € incl Tr&In

closer view of the collar and lace
closer view of the sleeve part

Bodyline Deer Shirt 
size m

max bust: 90 cm
back length 48 cm

new with tag
never worn 

price: 8,-

plus shipping:
Germ: 4,-€
Inter: 5,50 € incl Tr&In

closer view of the print

Baby the stars shine bright
bunny bag
waiting for money transfer bank payment

white version

price: 40 ,-€ 

plus shipping:
Germ: 4,-€
Inter: 5,50 € incl Tr&In

back side view incl opening
slightly pilling at the bow- I washed it in the maschine!

Bodyline Crown Cardigan

pink gold with white lace
new only tried on
size: m

max bust: 90 cm
Backlength: 56 cm
sleevelength: 56 cm

Price: 15,-€

plus shipping:
Germ: 4,-€
Inter: 5,50 € incl Tr&In

closer view of the collar

Bodyline Bag
pink with withe dots
used a few times
only the inside is a bit dirty 
30 x 22,5 x 10

Price: 10 ,- €
plus shipping:
Germ: 4,-€
Inter: 5,50 € incl Tr&In

detail of the handles 1 and 2
inside incl dirt
side heart zipper pull

Off brand Purse with crown

bad condtion,
dont buye if you are not okay with this!
Handles are fixed with shoe-glue
crown is broken at the top

25 x 20 x 13


plus shipping:
Germ: 4,-€
Inter: 5,50 € incl Tr&In

glues part handle
handle damage
handle inside okay

Meta Lucky Pack Towel

new and incl all packages and tag

price 5,- €
plus shipping:
Germ: 4,-€
Inter: 5,50 € incl Tr&In

Meta Lucky Pack 

new , never used 
without packing

plus shipping:
Germ: 4,-€
Inter: 5,50 € incl Tr&In

back clip view

Angelic Pretty 

size M
Approx size eur 37,5 - max 38 
size Japan: 23,5 - 24,0 ( L)

not new and sign of wear but still okay
please look carefully !

Price: 70 ,-€
plus shipping:
Ger.: 4,- € Hermes
Interantional: 16,- with dhl or I squeeze them and can ship it for 8,-€ but the will be squeezed than!!

side view
signs of wear, a bit dirt

different Brands and condtions:
all socks plus shipping!
Germ: 4,-€ Hermes
Intern: 5,50 € ink Tr&In

Pony white: worn and wased 1x price : 6,-€
pink new price: 8,-€

Black white striped with red ribbon: new price 5,-€
white with black: worn and washed onte time slightly pilling : price 4,-€

Shirley Temple
worn and washed 3 times 
price: 10,-€

Shirley Temple
worn and washed 2 times
price: 9,-€

Innocent word
washed and worn 2times
price 15,-€

all Bodyline 
1 is washed and used 2 times ink pilling : 4,-€ 
2-5 new  never worn : 5,-€


Tags: !da, !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, handmade, metamorphose, offbrand
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