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DS: Closet Cleaning!!! AP, BTSSB, Classical Lolita JSK, Classic White Blouse

Closet Cleaning!!!!
I'm moving house soon and need to clear much of my clothings that I never get the chance or seldom wear them. 
 Some items are not brand new but of good to excellent condition.
Most measurements are taken from Hello Lace.
Prices have already included international shipping.
Normal shipping does not include tracking.

Payment to be made via paypal.
I accept payment plans with a non-refundable 20% - 30% deposit, depending on the price of the item.
I'm located in Singapore and I am willing to ship overseas.
Willing to negotiate prices for some items but no extreme haggling.

I can hold items up to a  maximum of 3 days. 
Whoever leaves paypal address first gets the priority for the item 
Feedback page:
My previous post: 
AP Heart Pockets JSK, AP wonder cookie skirt, Meta High Waist Berry OP, BTSSB headdress, Wigs 

Item 1:
BTSSB Trick or Treat skirt in pink
Letting go at 150 USD + shipping and tracking included
 Condition: 9/10
Measurements: 58 – 66 cm waist, 57 cm length

Proof of purchase:

Item 2:
Angelic Pretty Princess skirt in white
Letting go at 70 USD + normal shipping 
Condition: 7.5-8/10 (some flaws, see pictures)
Measurements: 48cm length, 62~72cm waist


Item 3:
Classical Lolita JSK set in grey
Letting go at 90 USD for the whole set (JSK and blouse)
 JSK SOLD! Left with the white blouse

Classic Lolita White blouse letting go at 35 USD + normal shipping 
(Blouse) Bust: 80 cm, 70 cm waist, 64 cm length

Proof of purchase:

Item: 4:
Punk Rave blouse with red checkered tie
Letting go at 30 USD + normal shipping included
Measurements: 86 cm bust

 Item 5:
Long sleeved Surface Spell IW replica blouse in ivory
 Letting go at 50 USD + normal shipping included
Condition: Brand New without tags, waist ties included
Measurements: 84 cm bust, 69 cm waist 

Item 6:
Short sleeved Surface Spell IW replica blouse in ivory
Letting go at 50 USD + normal shipping included
 Condition: Brand new without tags
Measurements: 86 cm bust, 68 cm waist

Item 7:
Black lace OTK stockings
Letting go at 12 USD + normal shipping included

  Item 8: Black x White stripes leg warmers
Condition: 9/10 (Worn once)
Letting go at 12 USD + normal shipping included

 Item 9: Black X White stripes socks
Condition: Brand New without tags
Letting go at 12 USD + normal shipping included

Item 10: Dark Brown OTK socks with ribbon tie balls
Condition: 9/10 (Worn twice)
Letting go at 12 USD + normal shipping included

Feel free to make an offer for the socks! 


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