Ashley (jakkaruanput) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Wtb!: Blouse, Bloomers, Bags, Socks!!

My Feedback

I Prefer US Sellers but Im Open to Offers from Anywhere.
-Please List the Prices in USD including Paypal fees if any.
-List the Approximate Shipping
-Post Links to Pics or Egl Post w/ your offer

Id Prefer Offbrand pieces.

Bust: 40"-43
Waist: 34"-36
Hips: 40"-43

Im Looking For:

1. Blouse
-Short Sleeved
-Puff Sleeves
-Peter Pan Collar
-A Little bit of lace is okay.
-NO Ruffles on the Chest or collar.

2. Socks
-OTK (I have generally long legs)
-Strawberries down the Side
-As Little Pink as possible
-AP Milky Berry Socks if the price is right.

3. Bloomers
-Plain & Simple
-White, Pink, or Mint
-As little lace as Possible
-NO Ruffles

4. Bodyline Red Strawberry Purse OR Red Taobao Bag (See pics)

Tags: !wtb, *plus size, angelic pretty, bodyline, taobao

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