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DS: Merry Making Party, Little Bears Cafe, AP Cutsews, Wristcuffs, Socks, VM Fairy Doll WTB: Beige C


Feel free to ask questions, but do not ask about anything you can't afford to buy or put a deposit down on for payment plan or don't have any plans of doing so at the moment.

Use this template when responding, please. If you're in the US, I only need "Item" and "paypal"


(1)All sales will be shipped within 2-4 business days. Check paypal  fortracking info/notification of shipment(1.a) US buyers have priority.Leaving your paypal address with a question doesn't hold your place, soI'll try to answer you asap.

(2) International buyers, Shipping options: First class(Add tracking for 11.50). usually 2-4 weeks wait time. Priority: Tracking unavailable. usually 8-10 days wait  time. EMS: Tracked. Usually 2-5 days wait time. I will not be responsible if any package gets lost or stolen. Paypal will not honor an Item not received claim when there is proof of shipment and terms are laid, I keep all receipts so you can ask for a pic. If you refuse the package due to customs fees and did not ask me to mark it down, you will have to pay for return shipping to me and back to you (marked down) as you will not be refunded for the item for any  reason. No shipping to Italy unless you have 7+ seller FB.

(3). Send payment within 1 hour. Any later, and it becomes available to whoever sends payment first unless you make an agreement with me to pay at a later time.

(4) I will usually allow a payment plan, just ask. Deposits are non-refundable, no exceptions. It becomes available to the next person interested if payment comes in more than one day late, so pick a deadline you know you can make

(5) All sales final. All prices are OBO after 2 days
Angelic Pretty Merry making Party Skirt

140+8 S+H. Excellent condition Waist 24-28 inches.
Beige Little Bear's Cafe Skirt


130+8 S+H. Button is secure, but the thread is longer. Excellent condition otherwise. 24-28 inch waist
Victorian Maiden Fairy Doll Skirt

Proof https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-ty2181aDnqU/TmgL9Ih4ntI/AAAAAAAACR0/DCR40MPO2bI/s400/IMAG1615.jpg


$130+8 S+H. Good condition. Shows a little wear, but no flaws. 28 inch
waist, 26 inches long from the top of the high waist down to the bottom

Innocent World Night Bear Skirt

$120+8 Shipping New with Tags 22-36 inch waist
Angelic Pretty Merry Go Round Cutsew

$70+4 S+H Brand new with tags. 30-36 inch bust
Emily Temple Cute Beige Cutsew

$20 + 4 S+H Excellent condition with no damages. 32-40 inch bust, 20 inches long
Angelic Pretty Pink Wonder Cookie Cutsew

$40+ $4 S+H 32-38 bust. Exellent condition with no damages.

Emily Temple Cute Black Cardigan

$50+4 Shipping. Brand new with tags.

Angelic Pretty Black and White Wristcuffs

28+4 S+H. Great condition, no flaws
Several Brand Socks

From left to right

AP Crown Socks 10 Shipped. They've been worn and washed. A little soiling at the soles remains
IW Night Bear Black Socks 20 Shipped Brand New. One sock tried on.
AP Candy Treat Black socks 32 Shipped. Brand new

IW Black Lace Headbow

$12 + $3 S+H. Excellent condition with no damages

Heart E Classical Straw Hat


25+5 Shipping. This is a mini hat.
Chess Chocolate Playing Cards


20+4 S+H. Brand new in wrapper

Bani Rabbit Bow Shaped Purse


40+10 S+H. Brand new, never carried. It has a nice soft texture to it.
Innocent World Ribbon Pintuck Skirt

Proof Back detail Not sure why the color in the detail pic is so bland, but it's colored most like the photo above.

$51 +$10 S+H 26-28 waist. Can be corseted down to 22. It's 25 inches long
Angelic pretty Tulle Petticoat

40+ 6 S+H. Excellent condition, no damages.

Bodyline Socks


$7+3 S+H Shipped Brand new
WTB: A Cream or beige colored form fitting cutsew. Not white. No offbrand, indie brands OK
Tags: !ds, !wtb, angelic pretty, bodyline, emily temple cute, heart e, innocent world, taobao, victorian maiden
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