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DS! Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate bustier jsk in brown, jewelry, cute pouchette

Shipping from the Netherlands, shipping costs not included
Please provide a link to your feedback.
No trades or holds, sorry.
I appreciate quick transactions, so please try to stay in contact and pay as soon as possible. Invoices have to be paid within 24 hours (contact me if there is a problem)
I have good feedback on egl here and on ebay:

I'm leaving sweet lolita, so I'm having a closet clean-out.

For Direct Sale

Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate bustier jsk in brown SOLD, thank you!

Brand new, only tried on.

86cm + 3cm (lace) length, 87cm bust, 70cm waist

This dress has partial shirring.

stock picture:

my picture

Whimsical Vanille bracelet in white 35 euro or best offer

Stock picture:

my picture
Note: the Milky Planet ring is already sold!

Angelic Pretty heart pochette in brown SOLD, thank you!

Measurements: 18 x 20 x 8 cm

Stock pic:

my picture

Thanks for looking! ♥
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty
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