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DS! ALL SOLD Thank you <3

Welcome all

I accept only Paypal! (For UK buyers bank transfer is also accepted!)
I am non smoker
If several people are interested in the same item, the item will go to who can pay first or make the highest bid/offer
I accept reasonable offers, so feel free and make me offers
I may take hold's
First to inquire about item and leave paypal gets the items
I will ship overseas

I have 100% positive Feedback

and ebay feedback here;

Photos are really dark because cam is crap, the items are a few shades lighter than what you see in the photos, so be aware if you get it and its lighter than the images. sorry my cam is aweful

Angelic Pretty
Whimsical Vanilla-Chan OP



Measurements: 89cm length, 91cm bust, 73cm waist, 64cm sleeve length, 24cm cuff

The reason I am selling this dress is simple. I was given this from a friend who was leaving sweet lolita, the dress was damaged when I got it, since then I have had the dress repaired and brought back to practly brand new. I was going to have a friend of mine turn this into a JSK for my own use, however I can't bring myself to alter the dress further so there for this dress is up for grabs for somone who can give it a loving home.

As I said before I am selling this for £150 or BEST OFFER. I am not itnerested in a trade atm but I may take a part trade.


There is a small pen mark on one of the cat's, this should be able to be removed with a bit of work and there is also 1 tiny dot on the sleeve. I believe the previous owner dropped a pink on it by mistake at some point during her ownership.

This dress does not have the waist ties or the bow.

The arm was ripped when I opened the package, luckily the rip is on the inside and at the back, which means when worn you can not see it that much. It has be repaired by a friend on my behalf. The sleeves are also not lined becaz of the rip on the sleave but they are neatly sealed at the top.

G.L.P Gothic Lolitas & Punk Creamy Hime One Peice

Size L
£55 (or best offer)


I absolutly LOVE this dress however I bought it in the wrong size. I bought it in an L instead of an M, It fit me with a corset and petti but with a more simple style with a corset it woudl not fit, way to big for me,  hence my selling on. Only worn once to Hyper Japan.

Bodyline Bonnet

This has be worn, is not brand new but still good condition, please be aware of this <3
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