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DS: DoL Sugary Carnival Jsk Set

Terms & Conditions

- Here's my feedback page: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1181366.html
- I will scan in the recepit after I post it and I can post the day after payment except when the post office is closed (ie. weekends and public holidays).
- When you do recieve it I would really appreciate it if the buyer would leave a comment for me.
- Measurements are done to the best of my ability.
- Once I ship (scanned in recepit as proof) I cannot be in control of the parcel as I can't control our postal systems.
- I am willing to ship to most places but I reserve the right to refuse a sale if I am worried about it's safety.

Dream of Lolita - Sugary Carnival Dream of Lolita Set (Jsk + Headbow).

Proof   &   Headbow

Price: sold.

New without tags, only tried on. I brought it but realised it didn't suit me so I'm selling it back out.
It doesn't have any stains or rips etc but it does have a few minor flaws from manufacturing - loose threads (I've removed what I could already), the bow at the front seems a bit hastly sewn on, the straps looked a bit rushed too - but it's what you pay for I guess so please understand that it is not perfect.

Tags: !ds
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