Kyashii~ (kyashii) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Starry Night Theater OP + A pair of AP OTKs!


I have an AP Starry Night Theater OP.  This was my dream print so it saddens me that I'm too tall for it... :< I've only worn it once for a photoshoot (20 minutes) before taking it off and hanging it in a garment bag for protection. There are no flaws, except the hook closure came off during dry-cleaning and i have misplaced the tophat brooch (but I would be willing to ship it free of charge if I do find it while packing for college). But that isn't noticeable and does not affect its wearability at all. 

You can find my feedback here: 

Starry Night Theater OP: ($330 shipped within the US)


Hellolace Link:
Sample Coordination: Clickyclicky


I think these are the Toeshoes OTKs and it features beautiful metallic thread (the pink/purple parts).  I would sell this for ( $35 shipped) obo. This has never been worn, only tried on the right sock.

I would be extremely interested in trading the Starry Night Theater for the Bare JSK in any colorway~! If not, I'm also looking to buy it! ^^ 

I still have the bolero from the sample coordination here:

Thank you for looking~

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