mintiemii (mintiemii) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!ATTN seller: lockandkey

Regarding the sale of the Magical Etoile JSK in this post here:


I've been trying to get in contact with lockandkey. I was told that the dress would be shipped over three weeks ago, and since I paid for EMS I'm guessing that it is unlikely it's been sent yet. I have not been given a tracking number nor any other notification that the dress has been sent. I've sent an e-mail to the e-mail attached to her paypal account a week ago and received no response, and today disputed the transaction for security, but I thought I better try and see if anyone here might know her in real life or have had contact with her as well? I noticed she has not responded to the other girl in the sale post either.

Thanks for your time!

Mods: I actually made my purchase through angelic_poodle, but since the item was also posted here I hope this okay? Not really sure what else I can do at the moment or what the policy is on the situation.
Tags: !attention buyer/seller
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