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!WTB: Complete Sets

Hello dears!

Im searching for my little sister. She wants to join Lolita and needs one or two start-sets.
Brand favored. No matter what. AP, Baby... She fits most brand perfectly (lucky her)
But whats most important, is that we need complete sets.
Most important is a complete (almoast) set. Brand, Replica, well self-made. No matter.
She likes sweet best. But thats no must.
That means:
- Headbow/ribbons/barette .. whatever
- Blouse
- JSK/Onepiece/Skirt
- Socks (best would be OTKs, her legs are pretty long, but no must)
- Shoes (no boots) Sadly 25-25,5 (LL) so no brand a must here

Price range is a bit difficult. If the set is really complete, she would pay ~ 400 $ JSK can go up to 300 $ (but then it has to be a brand print)

Colours: Light, Sweet colours prefered.
No bittersweet!
Classic/sailor/Country.. just has to be cute/elegant.
It just has to have a print. No plain dresses. ^.^

At best the print matching parts to the dress/skirt.

Give me your offers!

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Tags: !wtb, *replica, any brand
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