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GO: Want to Split Innocent world *Oddment Items Lucky Pack* CLOSED!


Innocent world just posted the Oddment Items Lucky Pack and the packs are huge! I would like to find some fellow lolitas to split it with me.

Here is a link to innocent world's page about the pack

Here is my feedback page

There are two sizes of packs either the *Oddment Items Lucky Pack A(¥52,500), or *Oddment Items Lucky Pack B(¥84,000) each are said to be worth 5 times their original price.

I would think about three people would be about perfect for the 52500yen pack and four or five people for the 84000yen pack.
---- For pack A with three people inducing myself it would be: 17500yen each before shipping
---- For Pack B with four people including myself in would be : 21000yen each before shipping
---- For pack B with five people including myself it would be:  16800yen each before Shipping

I accept payment by paypal to chirolyn_chan@hotmail.com

Just to make things easy for everyone there will be three payments.
--- First: will be the payment for items. (payment in yen)
---Second: once I get the invoice from IW about shipping i will invoice for an equal share of shipping. (payment in yen)
---Third: Shipping to you. (payment in usd)

Splitting of the pack
  Once I receive the pack I will take photos of everything and try to price the items using their original price as a guide line. Depending on who joins I would like to make note of what type of items people are hoping for and their size including shoes in case we get some of those.
  When the pack is inventoried I believe the fairest way would be to have each person pick one at a item an item they would like in a price bracket so everyone gets an equal share cost wise.

---- Please note if you believe a different way to split the pack is best please let me know. Someone PMed me and mentioned making new lucky packs for people who joined but I don't know how fair that is to the other people in the group with me seeing all of the items alone. ----

[EDIT 9/8/11] I have been invoiced by Innocent world!
[EDIT 9/20/11] Innocent  World has shipped our pack! Here is the tracking number EJ104584716JP!
[EDIT 9/22/11] Our package has cleared customs! I think we may get it tomorrow!!!
[EDIT 9/24/11] I have our package! I am working on getting picture of everything now and cataloging defects and what not.
[EDIT 9/25/11] I have priced just about everything and am getting ready to add more info and get things ready for the picking.
[EDIT 9/27/11] I am just waiting for one person's list once I get this I'll start
posting who gets what.

People in the GO
[info]ravenslolita -- PAID
[info]savourycake -- PAID
[info]kodacan -- PAID
[info]kilo01 -- PAID
[info]serafina09 -- PAID

While I work on priceing everything here are some photos to tide you over! Just lok at how big the box is!!

... This is almost all of it but not quite!


I am still working on added all of the defectes.. there are not that many but some of them are noticeable.

We each get 24 Credits.
Please select of all the items you would wish with your 24 credits and PM me with your choices.
One Credit Items


1. Walkies Print Overknee Socks
problems: None found
2. Crown Embossed Socks
Problems: I found one or two very missing stiches.
3. I don't know the name of thses socks
problems: None found
Problems: Some extra threads, cut them are they seem to be perfect.

5. Rose Lace Pintuck Ribbon Head Bow
Problems: Sewing is a little off on the bow so it doesn't sit quite right, I believe I quick light iron would help a lot.

6. Alphonse Head Bow
Problems: None found

Two Credit Items

7. Rosary Styled Ribbon Necklace
Problems: None found
8. Folding Umbrella
Problems: None found
9. Arm Warmers
Problems: None found -- the thumb wholes are pretty far up (they would go up to my first nuckle, i have short hands) and are made for small arms.
10. Museum bear tote bag
Problems: None found

11. Pearl Ribbon Head Dress
Problems: Sewing is not stight on this one but once it is on, I don't think anyone would notice much.
12. Linderhof Head Dress
Problems: One of the roses needs to be re-glued.
Three Credit Items

13. Rosine Half Bonnet
problems: the sewing that contects the brim to the base is uneven.

14. Rose Lace Cummerbund Belt
Problems: None found

15. Heart Scallop Basket Bag
Problems: light discoration on the backside of staps.

16.Tulle Lace Square Pullover
Problems: None found
17. Melon Sleeve Pullover
Problems: None found
18.Romaine Cut Onepiece
Problems: None found
Four Credit Items

Problems: None found

Problems: None found

Problems: None found

Problems: Missing a button. One button is covered with the lace so you could take that one and put it in the missing spot and put a plain button at the neck.


Problems: None found
Problems: None found

Problems: None found

Problems: None found

Problems: it looks like there was something that could attach to this blouse on the sleves but I can't find a stock picture of this blouse. If you remove the snaps on the outside of the blouse it looks 100% finished.

Problems: None found

Problems: None found

Problems: None found

Five Credit Items

Problems: None found

Problems: None found

Problems: Missing missing some fabric from the sholder starps, shorder stap not fully snown in to left side bust.
Damage 1
Danage 2

Six Credit Items

Problems: None found

Problems: None found

Ten Credit Item

I believe this should have a petticoat of some sort but it does not.

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