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Nicholas "Nik" Brown

!DA: 2 x Atelier Boz Garments

Hello there!

I normally tend to frequent the pkmncollectors community, but after coming into possession with these lolita items, I decided this would be the better community to post them to. Please bear with me as I know virtually nothing about gothic and lolita, so I hope providing many pictures will make up for my lack of accurate descriptive skills. ^^;

A few things to bear in mind:

> My EGL feedback post can be found here (currently 0 feedback) but links are provided to my feedback on other communities and eBay, all of which are 100% positive.
> My items are located in Hampshire in the UK, and I am happy to ship worldwide.
> I accept PayPal, and all prices are in USD. Prices do not include postage and packaging fees, however I can provide these upon request.
> Please bid in whole increments of $1 or more (i.e. no bid increases of $0.50, etc!), leaving your bids as a reply to the previous bidder.
> To discourage sniping, I will extend the auction by 5 minutes if a bid is placed in the last five minutes, to allow a counter bid, which will continue until no further bids are placed.
> I can consider payment plans, just leave a comment to enquire before bidding.

The auction will end at 12am BST (11pm GMT) on Saturday 10th September. A handy dandy countdown timer can be found here.

Now, onto the items!

Garment 1: Skirt

A lovely skirt with beaded crucifix design, provided in the same set as the Atelier Boz pants (see below). In new and unworn condition without tags.

> Waist: approx. 24"

Starting bid: $30
Current high bidder: - aliknyankochan - $30

Additional images:

Garment 2: Trousers/Pants

Smart Atelier Boz branded pants, these are worth almost 18,000 JPY! Again, in new and unworn condition, and complete with the tag.

> Waist: 27" (elasticated).
> Inside leg: 29-30"
> Outside leg: 45-46"

Starting bid: $50
Current high bidder: stephaniechan - $76

Additional images:

Please don't be afraid to comment or send me a PM if you have any questions or concerns, or would like to see more pictures!
Tags: !da, atelier boz
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