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DS: offbrand vintage shirt and some handmade accessories

Hello, I’m selling a few things, before buying please read this:
* International buyers are welcome =)                                                                                                                
* I accept Paypal and, from italian buyers, Postepay recharge                                                                      
* Prices are in Euro
* I ship from Italy                
* Shipping is not included
* I prefer using tracked shipping                                                                                                                       
* I’m not responsible for lost or damaged packages                                                                                       
* Priority goes to the first who send me Paypal address
* Buyer pays for the Paypal fee
My feedbacks:
Ebay feedback:
Italian Lolita community feedback (this one it’s only in Italian, sorry ^^):                                             

Thanks for reading and now here's the sales:

White offbrand vintage blouse 8€

Bought at a vintage market but never used, only tried on once, very good condition.       
The lace is good quality cotton, the fabric is a little see-through but you can easily solve the problem wearing a white or skin-colored undershirt. It closes on the back with a zipper.
Max bust: 94 cm                                                                                                                                                               
Length: 55 cm
I also have some handmade bijoux:
Pearly Macaroon elastic bracelet 4€

Musical Cameo choker 3,50€           
Marshmallow earrings 3€
Raspberry earrings  3€

Sugar Cookie earrings 3€

Tea party earrings 3€

Tags: !ds, handmade, offbrand
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