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DS: Cheap brand items from Baby and Innocent World!

First off, a few things about my sales:
My feedback  (100% positive) is here:
Price is in USD, and shipping is listed for both the US and overseas.
The first person to leave their paypal (and willing to pay the asking price) gets the item.  ***All prices are OBO, so you may make a reasonable lower offer.***
Measurements are taken flat and doubled, fully stretched to get the maximum measurement.  Be careful if you're close to the listed maximum though, since I can't say how well it will actually fit.
No trades for these items - I'm just trying to move some clothes out of my closet.

BtSSB rose ribbon basket bag
$65 shipped in the US
$75 shipped international

   I bought this bag new and only used it once.  It has two linings: The upper lining has a drawstring and can be closed over the contents of the bag, and the lower one lines the bag and contains two pockets.  The flowers and ribbon are detachable.     

More info on the Baby website   : 

BtSSB wicker basket bag
$45 shipped in the US
$55 shipped international

I bought this bag from Closet Child in used condition.  The only damage is to the detachable flowers, which are bent and frayed.  There is some slight yellowing around the drawstring in the lining.   This bag has two linings: The upper one can be closed with a drawstring over the contents of the bag.  The lower lining (which can be seen through the gaps in the wicker) has three pockets.

The dimensions are: 9" across at the bottom, 14" across at the top.  Height is 8" in the center, 6.5" at the sides.

BtSSB sailor mini-hat NWOT
$50 shipped in the US (retails for 7245 JPY)
$57 shipped international

I won this as a prize from the Baby store.  However, I don't wear sailor style, so I am passing this along to someone else.  The hat is about 5.25" in diameter and 2.75" high.  It has two side bows(one of which is detachable), a front bow, and ribbons to tie it in place.  There is more info on Baby's website:

Innocent World cardigan
$40 shipped in the US
$47 shipped international

I'm selling this because it's too short on me.  It was worn and washed by the previous owner, and only tried on by me.  There is some slight pilling of the fabric.
bust: 33" unstretched, it may stretch up to 37/38" without the buttons gapping, but I can't be sure.
waist: 27-37"
length: 15.5"
arm length: 22"

AatP bolero
$40 shipped in the US
$47 shipped international

Worn a few times and washed by me.  I added lace to the sleeves, but they are still too short on me ^^.  The only damage is that the lace around the collar shrank in the wash.
width: 33-38"
arm length: 22"

Bodyline gold bolero NWT
$20 shipped in the US
$25 shipped international

I bought it thinking the color would be beige, but it is more like a dark cream with gold threads.  The bow in the center can be detached, or used to pin the bolero together in front.
bust: 34" +
sleeve length: 22.5"  

I am taking offers on my older sales post (ETC skirt, Sweet Rococo skirt, and loliable blouse):

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