Arya (laiferr) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Notice to all users

At an average of 500 feedbacks a week, manually updating our feedback takes a very long time. This takes even longer when people do not correctly follow the rules of the feedback community. I have been using my lunchbreak to update feedback, and every single day I have to spend 15 minutes reminding people to use the form, add the URL for the sale, or rejecting feedback from other communities. 15 minutes does not sound like much - but it's half the time I have and 15 minutes wasted I could have spent updating valid feedback. You are wasting everybodies time when you do not follow the correct format. So, as a reminder:
  • You must link the URL of the transaction in your feedback. You cannot simply ignore or delete this field as I see some people doing. You cannot say 'the post was deleted' or 'it was a shopping service' ; the field is mandatory. If it was a SS, find their advertisement post or a sales post by them.
  • Use the feedback form. It is provided in the rules, on the profile page, and in the community header.
  • Only sales from egl_comm_sales are allowed. Feedback from other sales sites or communities - that includes egl_plus, egl_go, personal journals and your local communities such as loligothuk are not acceptable. There is no other sister community other than egl, regardless of whether the other communities have 'egl' in their name.
On a side note, I will be contacing successful moderator applications hopefully this weekend. I apologise for how backlogged the feedback is right now, but the loss of a few moderators and an increase in the sites usage has made things difficult. Thank you for your time, and thank you to those who correctly follow this format.
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