Poisoned Apple (dismal_carnival) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Poisoned Apple

!ATTN seller: kimmidolls

I already sent a message to ni_chan87 who told me that I could make an ATTN seller post on the community.

I purchased a dress from kimmidolls's post: http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/16012889.html on august 24. Despite her lack of feedback I decided to give her a chance since she claimed that it was her first time using the sales comm and we all need to start somewhere.

But my "problems" started from here :
1- I was expecting her to contact me after I had sent the payment. She did not, but well, she might have been busy so I don't really blame her for that.
2- She deleted all of the pictures on the sales post and screened all of the comments which is pretty suspicious to me...
3- I posted a comment on the sales post to ask her to keep me updated on september 2 because I was starting to get seriously worried.

Progress :
1- On september 3 kimmidolls sent me a private message telling me that she had contacted a moderator because she had a problem with Paypal blocking her money.
2- Since it happened to me in the past, I answered that there's a simple procedure to follow to make paypal un-block your account and explained it to her.
3- She did not answer and I have not recieved any message from her since.
4- Today alfiechain who bought a dress on the same sales post contacted me asking me if I had heard from kimmidolls. She told me that kimidolls had claimed paypal problems as well on august 31.

kimmidolls told both alfiechain and I that Paypal wrote her that she had to wait up to 3 weeks and up to 180 days for Paypal to unblock her account. Paypal blocked my account in the past for the same reason she's providing (too much money recieved in a short amount of time) and I was able to have my account unblocked in a week. So the 180 days claim seems shady to me and so does it to ni_chan87 and alfiechain.

So kimmidolls, you might really have problems with Paypal, I don't want to make false accusations, but understand that we all sent you a pretty considerable sum of money and we would at least like to be regularly kept informed with maybe some more tangible proof of the problems you're facing.
And if I don't recieve a concrete proof that you have sent the dress to me or do something with paypal in a week from now. I'll contact the mods again (as ni_chan87 adivsed me). Meanwhile if I don't hear from you very soon, I'll fill a claim and so will alfiechain I assume.

I remember other girls bought dresses from kimmidolls' post on august 24. But since she screened all of the comments I can't really know who was involved. So I'd like to know if any of you have any valuable piece of information?

(conclusion: don't ever buy from someone unable to provide any feedback... I've learnt my lesson!)
Tags: !attention buyer/seller

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