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DS: Milky-chan JSK Replica, Merry Sweet Castle JSK Replica, Meta LP items

Will ship anywhere but US preferred.
Prices in USD and do not include shipping unless otherwise stated.
I accept Paypal only. Priority goes to first to post paypal info.
I may be willing to trade so feel free to show me what you have. I prefer classic items.

All items are OBO, but please be reasonable since I'm trying to get some of my money back. ^^

K-Star Milky Chan JSK Replica  $45 OBO
Bought this second hand and have tried it on only.  Previous owner said it was dry cleaned. There is a problem with the zipper I tried to picture.  The zipper doesn't go down, but maybe someone handy can fix this. ^^;;
I also noticed a faded AP logo around the left side of the bust.
Size is small.  There is shirring in the back.
Amateur measurements:
Bust: 13.5 inches across
Waist: 12 inches across
Length: 35 inches with lace

Merry Sweet Castle JSK replica $40 OBO
Bought second hand from same person as above piece. Black is faded around the armpit area which you can see in the picture.
Size is small.  Shirring in the back and material is kinda stretchy.
Amateur measurements:
Bust: 16 inches across
Waist: 13 inches across
Length:  34 inches across

Meta Pink Cutsew: $40 + shipping
 Meta Yellow OTK Socks: Pending Payment  

Necklace: $20 shipped US

   I also have jewelry for sale on etsy:   

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