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DS: Blow out sale! Baby, AP, Wigs, Malco mode petti

Hello and welcome to my sales! 
Here is my feedback:
I only take paypal.
Priority to those who pays first or offers most.
All items include shipping
I prefer to ship things within the states.
I add free tracking if you're in the states :]
I don't mind trade offers.

1. Baby Chiffon Polka Dot JSK

proof photo:
Additional photos
Measurements: 89 cm bust, 76 cm waist, 89 cm length
Comments: This dress is in great condition I've only worn it twice ever since then it has been sitting in my closet for about two years so yeah it needs a new home. No stains or rips. This dress is one of those dresses I think looks way better without a blouse its really light and airy for the upcoming summer weather. I bet it'll look super cute when paired with cute sandals. 
Price: $160  $100 US shipped  $115 intl shipped.

2. Baby Pink JSK

Additional photos (bigger photo)
Measurements: 84 in bust & 27 in waist
Comments: This dress is in great condition I've worn a couple of times its actually my first lolita dress. Very cute sweet dress great for starters because its a solid color its easy to coordinate. It has been in my closet for 3 years I think it's time for it to go to a new home so it could be loved. <3
Price: $80 US shipped $95 intl shipped. 

3. AP black and wht polka dot skirt

Measurements: 27 in waist
Comments: This skirt is in great condition I've never worn it out. Very cute I love the heart lace!
Price: $40 US shipped $50 intl shipped. 

4. Brown vuloumous wavy wig
additional photos
Comments: Worn this wig a whoooole lot its one of my favorite wigs its so easy you don't even have to tease it or anything and its big. You can wear it on non loli days too its soo natural some people thought it was my real hair even though my hair is actually short. xD 
Price: $20 shipped everywhere.

5. Blonde Rowky Alice wig

Proof photos
Comments: A blonde wig I bought in the korean online shop Rowky. It very cute easy to style since it's already styled curly. Though my proof photo is more true to color than the rowky photo. Worn about 3 times still very curly.
Price: $25 shipped everywhere. SOLD

6. Malco Modes white Petti
Additional photos (petti in dress)
Measurements: 21-36" waistComments: This is a malco modes petti I bought on the comm waaay back then I wear it under all my dresses and skirts. Poof is amazing and its so soft I could actually fall asleep in it. Its in great condition no rips and still very white!
Price: $35 US shipped $45 intl shipped. SOLD

Thanks for your interest!
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, offbrand
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