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!DS/!DT - Angelic pretty Ribbon Ornament OP and offbrand wa-lolita op

Link to my feedback:
(this is my first sale here, so I don't have feedback as a seller).

Terms and conditions:
- I accept payments via Paypal and Western Union. I wll send the items only after I have received full payment.
- I could consider a payment plan, but I prefer someone who can pay full price.
I have a first come, first serve policy. If someone has left their
paypal, they have the priority. If you want to make a higher offer, I
will ask the first buyer if they can pay the same price you are
offering, if they can not, the item is yours.
- If you don't make the payment after a week, I will consider you are backing off from the sale, and leave negative feedback.
- I can't take holds at the moment, sorry.

costs for 1kg of less (High shipping prices, sorry for that. Detailed
costs can be found here,
but the page is in Spanish):
For Argentina:
* Classic: USD 13,00 or Ar$54,00
* Priority: USD 18,00 or Ar$76,00
* With delivery confirmation: +USD 4,00 or Ar$15,00

* Standard airmal: USD 38,00
* EMS: USD 46,00

Uruguay, Brasil and other countries next to Argentina
* Standard airmal: USD 19,00

* EMS: USD 30,00

Rest of Sudamerica:
* Standard airmal: USD 28,00

* EMS: USD 33,00

Rest of America:
* Standard airmal: USD 35,00

* EMS: USD 44,00

Rest of the World:
* Standard airmal: USD 40,00

* EMS: USD 55,00

Confirmation of delivery: USD 4,00 (for all countries)
Declared value: 5% of whatever you want to declare

- I will ship the item ASAP, but please take into consideration I'm a busy person, so I may take one day or two

Extra information:
- I have a cat, but I will try to remove every bit of hair (if any) that could be on the clothes.
- I do not smoke.
- I will wash and iron the clothes before sending, but take into consideration that it may wrinkle during shipping
I cannot and will not take responsibility for items lost/damaged in the
mail. Before sending your item, I will take pictures of the box and
will email them to you. As soon as I ship your item, I will send you a
scanned image of the receipt.

This doll will be my proof:

Angelic pretty Ribbon ornament OP trade or USD 220,00 OBO (I would really, really prefer to trade)

Angelic pretty Ribbon ornament matching headbow USD 20,00

Detail of the bow:

Came with the OP, very good condition, worn twice by me.

Offbrand wa-lolita OP USD 35,00 SOLD VIA PM

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, offbrand
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