Ailsa (glass_bubblegum) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Angelic Pretty, Alice and the Pirates, Vivienne Westwood, Meta, Milk, Shirley Temple...

Terms of sale:
1. No holds, no trades- I'm only looking for cold, hard cash at the moment!
2. Prices are in British pounds. Payment accepted by Paypal and I do not charge fees. I don't take e-cheques though.
3. Shipping not included, inquire with your location. Quoted shipping costs will be without tracking/insurance unless otherwise requested.
4. First to offer payment gets the goods! If nobody is willing to pay the stated price then offers will be considered.
5. All items are in good condition unless otherwise stated.

I have 100% positive feedback.

Angelic Pretty cardigan with detachable fur collar. £70
heart pocket cardigan

Bust: 30-32" (closed- will obviously fit larger unbuttoned)
Waist: 24-26" (as above)
Length: 18"

Metamorphose shoes, size M. These are quite scuffed as I've worn them a number of times, so the price reflects this. £25.
cross strap ribbon shoe

Alice and the Pirates pocket embroidery jumperskirt. One of the corset-lacing loops is loose (see picture below); otherwise perfect condition. Does NOT come with the headbow. SOLD

Milk cutsew. £30
milk cutsew

Bust: 30-34"
Waist: 26-30"
Length: 22"

Shirley Temple mermaid print skirt. Has a pocket! SOLD

Alice and the Pirates tarot print bag. £65
tarot print bag

With flash: it looks white here but it's slightly off-white in reality.

Dimensions: 11x15x5"

Alice and the Pirates blouse with detachable jabot. SOLD

Suppurate System apple necklace. This has a few small imperfections, pictured below. SOLD

Suppurate System resin rose necklace. SOLD

Vivienne Westwood red Chancery bag. SOLD
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, metamorphose, milk, shirley temple, suppurate system, vivienne westwood
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