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[DS]: Metamorphose Old Emblem JSK in black

Like the subject says, I'm interested in selling my Metamorphose Old Emblem JSK in the black colorway because sadly, I'm a lard-o and after a few months of keeping it I realized I'd never actually get around to losing the weight necessary to wear it... ;____;

Asking price is $170 (includes shipping within the US).
I'm pretty set on the price, as I think it's fair, but feel free to make offers. I don't really need the money, I just don't want this to sit in my closet 'cuz I'm too fat, so if you're going to make an offer, keep that in mind. ;)

My feedback is HERE.

The Hellolace entry for the dress can be found HERE.
I don't own a digital camera, so my proof pics don't do the dress justice. Check out the Hellolace page to see how gorgeous it truly is! The front bows are detachable, and the shirring ribbon is a wonderful, sturdy grosgain. <3

Proof pic is as follows (LOL @ animu posters in the background):

Terms: I accept Paypal only. I'm pretty good with returns on a case-by-case basis, but you'll be expected to carry the postage costs both ways, so read carefully before you buy! I expect payment within 24 hours of invoicing.

Measurements (taken from HelloLace, which seem pretty accurate): 86cm bust, 68cm high waist. The dress falls to just above my knees at 5'6", but that's with virtually no petti underneath. It's a short-cut dress, so taller girls may not get the length they desire.

Condition: Tried on; never fit. There's shirring in the back, but it's not very forgiving. I love the print on this dress, and I told myself I'd drop my fat eventually so I could wear it, but it turns out I love ice cream more than lolita (my doting boyfriend taking me out to eat all of the time certainly doesn't help, either... -___-;;). I did buy it second-hand from the comm, but it was in excellent condition even when I received it, so no worries there.

Shipping: Only within the US. Sorry! I ship on Thursday/Friday, but if you need to discuss more immediate arrangements I'll be more than happy to comply. :)

Thanks for looking, and if this isn't your style, I'll be making another (bigger) sales post soon. I just need to go through my closet and decide what I'll actually wear, and what I love too much to possibly give up. @.@;; And, er, possibly invest in/borrow a digital camera so my proof pics DON'T suck. LOL.
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