helter skelter. (honeymelt) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
helter skelter.

WTB: AP accessories in RED (wristcuffs and jewelry)

I am located in Hawaii, 96813.
I only use PayPal (non-CC).
Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/449319.html.

I am looking to buy some AP accessories in red (not wine), wristcuffs and jewelry (though I am not interested in headbands).

I will consider other brand/offbrand/handmade wristcuffs, but I am currently not looking for offers on jewelry other than AP.

Below are examples (but not limited to) of what I am looking to purchase, but I am most interested in the Hello Kitty x Angelic Pretty ring and/or bangle in red (admittedly, I may be interested in the headband if you have it in red [this headband only]; I have all the pink pieces and would like to complete the set) and the Milky Candy brooch in red. Bow/ribbon motifs are also a priority over other ones.

* I am aware of the accessories in stock at AP USA but would like to see what else is available first. :)
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty
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