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DS/DT: BTSSB, Surface Spell, Chess Story, Bags, Shoes, Ankle socks! Very Low Prices!

  Please read first
  • I come from a smoker house, but I don't smoke myself, never allow smokers in my room and I am very careful so that my lolita clothes don't come in touch with smoke.
  • I have a pet dog, it doesn't get in my room but keep it in mind.
  • Buyer who leaves paypal address first gets the item
  • Buyer has to pay in 48 hours after invoiced or contact me. In any other case, the invoice will be canceled and I may or may not leave neutral/negative feedback on said buyer.
  • Priority Goes to trading
  • Paypal fees included.
  • Shipping fees NOT included but listed under each item
  • I have the right to refuse selling to buyers with negative feedback
  • I ship within a week after completion of payment
  • I can hold an item for a week if a 30% non refundable deposit is given
  • I can combine shipping 

  • My feedback page
  • When trading I always ship with tracking and I expect the other side to do so too

Thank you very much

For Trades please check my wish-list .

I bought a couple of things from taobao many months ago but they were heavily delayed and arrived only today. Consequently, I no longer need many of them, so I am selling them brand new and packed.

BTSSB Sweetie Gingham Border Bag (Red)


Picture from Loli Lobrary

Bought it second hand. Never used it. Good Worn condition. 

Measurements (Loli Library)

Width 40cm

Height 22cm
Bottom 18cm

Loli Library entry

Proof of ownership

Price: 20 euro


Europe: 8 euro

Rest of the World: 8,80 euro


Chess Story Ankle Polka dot Socks

Brand new. Bought them to match the skirt. Never wore them. 


Price: 7 euro

Europe: 3,65 euro
Rest of the World: 3,80 euro


Pink Frill High Heel Shoes

Brand  New. I only took one of them out of the bubble wrap to look at it. I suspect that they wont be copletely perfect though because the sole of the one I took out had a smal dark mark. I guess it happens whit factory made items sometimes. I have not inspected them further more because they are well-wraped and safe and I would like to ship them as such but I will upon request.


Size: EU 38
Heel: (6-8cm)

Price: 11 euro

Europe: 8 euro
Rest of the World: 8,80 euro

          Surface Spell Corsage SOLD THANKS

Brand new. The Crystals in mine are more violet than pure blue. Please check the proof pic.

Price: 11 euro


Europe: 3,65 euro

Rest of the World: 3,80 euro     


Proof of ownership


Depth: 21 cm
Width: 18 cm (bottom) - 34 cm (opening)

Price: 10 euro

Europe: 8 euro
Rest of the World: 8,80 euro

Finally, please take a look at my older sales for IW Annette Skirt and Ankle Socks in Green, IW Tenor OP, Infanta Off-white blouse, Leather chincer belt

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