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DS: spank me!, swimmer, btssb

 ☼ shipping is from italy
 ☼ paypal only (buyers have to pay 4% pp fees)
 ☼ shipping is not included
 ☼ no trades - no holds
 ☼ my eglfeedbacks :
 ☼ the item goes to the first who can pay
 ☼ comment only if you're interested in purchasing, thank you!

★ spank me! ★

hairbow, used but still in good condition - 15 $

★ swimmer ★

pink / white polka dot earmuffs - new with tag -  20$

★ baby the stars shine bright ★

(more photos, )

heart leopard coat. used but in good condition! it's larger than the original size because i took it to a taylor who made it slightly larger.
current measurements are :
bust -> from 90 to 95 cm (maybe something more)
waist -> 80 cm

I paid it something like 280+$ but now i was thinking about selling it 160 $ (pp fees not included)

Candy-chan Poodle Print Camisole
used but in good condition, i will iron it before shipping, don't worry!

bust: max 88 cm
waist:max 80 cm
length: 52 cm

price 20 $

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, swimmer
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