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DS! Closet Cleaning: 3 blouses, 1 headband, & 1 petticoat *REDUCED REPOST

my feedback:

Terms and Conditions
- I prefer paypal 
-Priority goes to the person who leaves paypal first, not the first interested party.
-Prices do not include shipping or paypal fees. Buyer is responsible for shipping & paypal fees. I ship using a flat rate USPS envelope or box. Combined shipping is avaliable of course. If you think you have a cheaper method of shipment please discuss with me ^^
Options within the US: $10.95-  -$4.95
Paypal fees: 2.9% + $0.30 USD

-As the seller, I reserve every right to refuse sale to a buyer I find unfit.
- I'm quite busy but I will try to ship your item within a week. At the latest, 2 weeks.
-I am not responsible for any item lost or damaged in transit. Please request a photo of the packaged item before I send it out if you'd like one.
-I am not responsible if once you recieve the item, you find that the item does not flatter you or isn't as pretty as you thought it'd be. I try my best to fully and accurately represent the item. If you require more photos, please ask. LJ is annoying so I'm only providing one photo per item currrently.
- PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. Don't be afraid to make an offer, but please understand if I reject it :)
-If you commit to buying an item but then back out at the last moment I will give you negative feedback. If you have sudden unexpected issues please contact me and we can work something out. 
-If you wish for measurements please ask in the comments section but fyi, I am not a professional seamstress. The measurements I give are only my own estimates since none were provided.
p.s. a free gift will be given with every purchase :3 Once you confirm your purchase I will show you what is avaliable to choose from.

Items (don't worry, I cleaned my floor beforehand lol):

1) NWOT Long Sleeved ruffle neck Blouse- Unknown chinese brand SOLD

Never worn, bought in China almost half a year ago. As you can see, it is quite shiny. In my opinion it's a more tasteful shine than a costumy shine though. There is an awkward gap near the neck that I believe can be fixed by having a larger bust or sewing an extra button there. The reason I am selling is b/c it is too big. :( It is a chinese size XL which I think is american L. The waist is ~15 inches flat. True color is closer to white white than ivory or antique white
*EDIT* Now Asking $20

2) NWOT Long Sleeved front tie blouse- Same Unknown chinese brand

ATTN!: The button on the right sleeve cuff is missing. 
I would replace it myself but I have neither the will nor the replacement button. Please be warned, this blouse is not perfect. Otherwise, it's pretty much the same description as above sans awkward gap. The lace used for the necktie has cute flowers on it. :)
*EDIT* Now Asking $16

*I am willing to make a deal, if you buy both of these blouses I will give you a $5 discount OR I am willing to remove one of the buttons from blouse #1 (your choice of where) and use it to replace the missing one on blouse #2. 

3) NWT Short puffed sleeve blouse- liz claiborne

way too big for me. though the tag says S I believe it would better fit an L. sleeves reach elbow length for me.
*EDIT* Now Asking $15, retails at $69

4) Bodyline(?) Candy Headband


Not much to say, it's hot pink with raschel lace all around. The little candy is squishy. :3
*EDIT* Now Asking $2

5) KKJJ Petticoat *Re-listed with permission due to nonpaying buyer. PENDING

Sorry for the not so clear photo >.< I've worn this petti a handful of times so it's still really poofy. I have to warm potential buyers though, the material is hard tulle, and while there is a slip on the inside, sitting down, running, & other things will cause the slip to rise and the tulle to be scratchy on your legs. Otherwise it's a great beginner petti. The waist is tied not elastic. I believe it can fit almost any size waist.
Please ask if you want to see an example of this petti in action ;)
Asking $20
ATTN!: Due to the size and poofyiness of this item I must ship it in a box, flat rate envelope is not an option.

If you also have items that you want to sell I posted a WTB a while back.
I'm mostly looking for classic items but I'm open to almost everything ^^

Thanks for viewing my post! If you have any questions please ask below & I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Tags: !ds, bodyline, offbrand
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