vishae (vishae) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Blended Choco-Latte Wig / or similar wigs + headware

Thanks for checking my WTB entry.

I'm a complete newbie, but my feedback page is as follows:

I would like to buy the blended choco-latte wig (with the side bits), or something similar in the sense that it has to be full and wavy/curly (please provide pics). I'm okay with brown or black wigs.

I'm going to Tokyo in mid September and want the wig for an outfit.

If you're in Melbourne, I could pick up the wig. I'll be in Hong Kong from September 9th, so I could also pick up from there as well. Otherwise, please also let me know the shipping costs. If you could delivery before September 9th or after September 25th, please provide shipping costs to Melbourne. Otherwise please provide shipping costs to Hong Kong.

Secondly, I'm looking for headware for the wig. 
I'll be wearing a white shirt with the following skirt:

So I guess some kind of dark/light brown bow headware - I'd prefer something on a headband - but I'm open to suggestions. I'm partial to tiny top hats too, but I don't think it would match this skirt.
Tags: !wtb, offbrand
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