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DS! Handmade and super-cheap offbrand!

Hi! ^^

♥ EGL feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1190466.html
♥ Ships from Latvia, Europe
♥ Worldwide shipping
♥ Prices shown without shipping
♥ Paypal Only, please
♥ First to leave their PayPal gets it


Black and White striped jsk
price: 15$
shipping: EU- 8$; US- 10$ ; Everywhere else - please inquire.
size: XS/S, 36 european (pretty standard size, has slight stretch to it, so very comfortable)
Length: 78 cm

Very full a-line skirt (I used a petti to show the fullness and that's not even the fullest of it. Side zipper. Has some plastic boning on the bodice part. It's slightly deformed in front (from sitting, I guess). Elastic black straps. Very Tim-Burton-esque, imo. Worn couple of times.

Tassel skirt

price: 50$
shipping: (it's pretty heavy)EU- 10$; US- 15$; Everywhere else - please inquire.
waist: 66-100cm
Length: 64cm

Handmade by me. Fully shirred with side zipper. Slightly discounted due to the print not matching at the side seams. Rougher weave cotton, but very soft. Worn once for the photoshoot.

Pics worn: one, two, three.

Brown satin jacket

price: 8$
shipping: EU- 8$; US- 10$ ; Everywhere else - please inquire.
size: european 36 (on tag), true to size

Couple of pulled/loose threads that I snipped off (I might have missed some, so be aware), but you can't really see them. Super comfy (fabric stretches). Very classic looking, imo.


BL mint and blue bow socks

price: 5$ (each or 8$ both)
shipping: EU, US - 4$ (if combined: EU- 5$; US- 6$); Everywhere else - please inquire.
size: one size
Mint: Wore once for a meetup. No piling or nothing.
Blue: only tried on, can be washed upon request.
Stock pic, I can provide my own photos, too, if necessary.


Thank you for looking! ♥

Old sales post: http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/15675364.html
Tags: !ds, bodyline, handmade, indie brand, offbrand
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