classact127 (classact127) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: More than 20% off ETC Polka Dot Bolero and Meta Tank Top and WTB Meta Fairy Tale Skirt/offbrand

My feedback link:
Payment by PayPal only
I do not have any pets
I am not doing holds right now
The item goes to whoever puts their paypal first
Shipping and Paypal fees are NOT included, unless stated otherwise.

ETC Polka Dot Bolero in blue-$40

Max Bust: It's pretty stretchy, but to look best, I'd say 90cm

Super soft and adorable ETC bolero. Small, even polka dots pattern the almost turquoise blue.

Meta Tank Top in black- $30

Max Bust:95cm
Max Waist:80cm

This is a really cute tank, a bit form fitting and great for casual wear.


Looking for this skirt, the fully shirred one. I am also
looking for some Dear Celine, Kidsyoyo, Surface Spell, etc stuff. My measurements are now 36-28-40. Show me what you got!
Tags: !ds, dear celine, emily temple cute, metamorphose, offbrand
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