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!DS: Meta Lucky Pack items, Bodyline, Surface Spell, Ero Offbrand Dress!

♥  I am located in Scarborough (Toronto), Canada
♥  My EGL feedback can be seen here:
♥  All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD)
Paypal fees included in listed price
Shipping Fees NOT included in listed price. Please comment for shipping to your country. I will try to get the lowest price possible for shipping, unless you want tracking.  I would prefer to use bubble envelopes for clothing as they are cheaper to ship, but if you would like a more sturdy shipping method, just ask :)
PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT looking to trade
Reasonable offers are allowed. 
♥ Any items sold today (Thursday, September 1st), will be shipped out today. 
Metamorphose Special Set JSK (SOLD)
Price: $150 CAD + Shipping (feel free to make an offer! I'm very flexible on this one)
Notes: Bought from a store in Toronto. I believe it was used because the two black buttons on the front were not there. Bow is detachable, as are the two waist ties. Very good condition, no flaws I've found other than slight discoloration under the arms. 
Size (taken from here):
Bust: 84- 94 cm
High Waist: 78 - 88 cm
Length: 70 cm

Metamorphose Lucky Pack JSK(SOLD) 

Price: $110 CAD + Shipping Notes: Brand new, tried on once. Bow, two waist ties, and underskirt included. Full shirring.  Size: can fit a large range of sizes from the full shirring. 

   Metamorphose Lucky Pack Chiffon Blouse (SOLD)

            Price: $55 CAD + Shipping
Notes: Brand new, tried on once. Four small detachable bows. Arm holes are quite small, the elastic is tight and would better fit someone with an upper arm circumference of less than 10 inches (26 cm). 
Size:  Bust: 36" Waist: 29" Has a little bit of shirring on the back, but I believe these would be max measurements. Also, be aware of the small armholes (mentioned in Notes)            
Metamorphose Lucky Pack Offwhite Long Bloomers  
Price: $40 CAD + Shipping
Notes: Brand new, never tried on. 
Size: Waist: Stretches up to 48" (measured 24" flat) Leg: Stretches up to 28" (measured 14" flat)

Metamorphose Lucky Pack Bag
Price: $40 CAD + Shipping
Notes: New, never taken outside of my room. 
Size: 5" x 12" x 20"

Metamorphose Lucky Pack Hair Clip
Price: $20 CAD +Shipping 
Notes: Brand new, never tried on. 

Metamorphose Lucky Pack Necklace
Price: $20 CAD + Shipping
Notes: Brand new, tried on once. 

Metamorphose Lucky Pack Cloth
Price: $5 + Shipping
Notes: Brand new, still in plastic. 

Anna House Blouse

Price: $35 + Shipping
Notes: Brand new, tried on once. 
Size: (from Anna House website) S
Bust: 32-34 inches
Waist: 26-28 inches
Surface Spell Jacket (SOLD)

Price: $25 CAD  + Shipping
Notes: Bought second hand from an EGL seller. Very good condition. 
Size: M 

Bodyline Floral Skirt (SOLD)
Price: $20 CAD + Shipping
Notes: Worn a few times. Still in excellent condition. 
Size: M Waist: 24 - 29" (from Bodyline site)

Shrine Dress 
Price: $150 CAD + Shipping
Notes: I think this would be an excellent dress for Ero Lolita. Perhaps with an underskirt or cage skirt overtop :) I shortened the straps because they were too big on me. 
Size:  M (taken from Bust: 36" Waist: 29" Hips: 40"  *Length of Dress 29" from shoulder to bottom of skirt

Gothic and Lolita Bible 37
Price: $30 CAD + Shipping
Notes: Patterns taken out (as picture) but included. Stickers are still intact and all are there. 

Tags: !ds, anna house, bodyline, metamorphose, offbrand, taobao
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