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DS: Closet Cleaning! Metamorphose, Angelic Pretty, Shirley Temple and Handmade


- I ship from Montréal, Qc, Canada. I can ship worldwide.
- Prices in USD. (www.xe.com)
- First come first serve.
- Paypal only. (4% Fees)
- I own a dog.
- All mesurements in centimeters (Sorry, I'm french XD) I can convert if you need it.
- Feedback Here and Here

Kitty-chan is my proof!

01. Metamorphose Short Sleeves Shirring OP - 85$ SOLD!
This is an old Meta model. I've recieved as a trade for an skirt a while ago. I'm not a OP person at all. It's still new, as I never worn it, and so the person before.

Bust: Since it's shired, I'd say up to 95cm.
Waist: Free
(Please ask if you need more infos.)

Metamorphose original pictures
Hellolace infos

02. Angelic Pretty Tripple Frill Gingham Skirt - 90$

Again, bought here a long time ago. I've just worn it for a quick photoshoot, but I can't remember from the past owner. It's a very nice and fluffy skirt, very cute! The waistband are detachable and have lace accent on the bottom. It came originally with a brooch, but I never had it. It's half-shirred, so it's really confortable.

Waist: 60~68 cm
Length: 45cm

Lace details
Back details
Hellolace infos

03. Métamorphose Antique Bouquet Long Skirt - 110$ SOLD!

This skirt is brand new with tags, never worn. It is perfect for taller lolitas since it's the long version. I love the print, but sadly the fit is not much my style. It's off-white, with pink ribbon accent on the white lace. The back is half-shirred, and the waistband are detachable with also 2 detachable bows.

Waist: 60~70 cm
Length: 64cm

Print Details
Official Picture

04. Métamorphose Gingham Skirt - 80$

A cute gingham skirt, perfect for debuting lolitas! Worn once, not apparent flaws. Comes with detachable waisties adn half-shirred back. Sadly not my style anymore.

Waist: 60~70 cm
Length: 55cm

Print Details

05. Shirley Temple JSK - 75$

Bought on Closet Child a while ago, but never worn it since it pretty small. It's perfect for a more casual style, with cute berry print. There's also a small waistband made with ribbon, with cute flowers details at the end. There is an small spot on the front, but it's barely noticeable.

Bust: 76 cm
Waist: 68 cm
Length: 86cm

Stain01 02
Belt Details (sorry for the flash effect)
Closet Child Pictures

06. Metamorphose Red Pokkadot Headdress - 25$

A cute headdress, sadly it's not my style anymore. It's really big, and it ties up with red ribbon. Perfect for a sweet coordination!

Metamorphose Official Picture

07. Handmade Pink Headdress - 10$

I made this headdress for me a while ago, but as you see, I,m not much into sweet lolita. It's made with soft pink gingham fabric, and it ties up with a ribbon.

Thank you for watching!
Feel free to ask questions or additionnal information!

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