lladia (lladia) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS/DT: Sugary Carnival skirt in blue

Hello ^^ I would like to trade/partial trade Sugary Carnival skirt in blue for my friend.  She is interested in Vanilla chan and Milky Planet in all colours except black and in French Cafe only in pink.

My feedback

Here are proof photos.
 (Please ignore wig it is not for sale)
My friend is the skirt's third owner, but it is in really good condition, except a stain on a lining which you can see on a last photo.
She would prefer to trade it, but if there are not any offers she can also sell it for 300$ +shipping (pp fees included). Trades only with people with positive feedback. 

Thanks for looking<3
Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty
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