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--About Me
♥I have feedback on the new database and on ebay under the name matcha_pop
♥I have cats. They're not allowed in the room where I keep my lolita clothes but I figure I'd let potential buyers know, just in case.
♥I'm willing to look at trades, however I'll only trade for brand. Here's my wishlist to get an idea of what I'm looking for.

--The items
♥Measurements are amateur measurements; figured by laying flat and doubling the measurement. Measurements from the brand will be noted as such.

♥All US packages will be shipped with delivery confirmation. For Canada/international tracking is not available on first class packages, therefore, all items over $50 will be shipped priority mail international.
♥International shipping marked first class does not come with tracking or insurance. Please let me know if you need better shipping.
♥I can't be responsible for the package once it leaves my hands. I do my best to package everything very well but please purchase insurance if you're worried your item might be lost/damaged.

♥I don't charge paypal fees!
♥E-checks are fine. I prefer e-checks to waiting for your funds to transfer. Obviously, your item will not ship until your payment clears.
♥I reserve the right to not take CC paypal from users with new/empty journals or no feedback. Also, I'll only ship to verified addresses.
Immediate payment has priority. Please do not ask me to invoice you if you can not pay right away, unless we've agreed upon something else first.

♥Holds will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Please let me know when and how much you'll be able to pay and I'll let you know if it's do-able.

**Priority goes to whoever can pay the full amount first. Please fill out the form!



Metamorphose Pink Skirt

Features detachable waist ties. The bottom frill is also detachable.

♥Condition - I'm the first owner and I've only worn it once or twice. Very good condition, no flaws.

♥Measurements -
Waist: 64cm - 68cm
Length: 50cm

Price: $50 + shipping
US: $6.50
Please inquire for international.

Front without bustle
Back without bustle
Proof of Ownership

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Cul de Paris JSK

The bustle is detachable so you can wear this in more than one way.

♥Condition -
I received this in a trade but it's too big for me. I think the previous owner wore it a few times. There was a 1 inch spot where some lace on the waist was a bit loose, but I've fixed it.

♥Measurements - I'm almost certain this is baby's L size.

Bust: Max 92cm
Waist: Max 75cm
Length: 97cm

Price: $100 + shipping
US Shipping - $10.00
Please inquire for international.

Another view of the wig

Gabalnara Wig

♥Condition - New with tags. Tried on briefly but it doesn't suit me.

The bangs are uncut so you can adjust them for your face shape.

Price: $35 + shipping SOLD!
US Shipping - $6.50
Please inquire for international.



Baby the Stars Shine Bright Shirred Blouse

Features detachable sleeves and full shirring.

♥Condition - Used, but overall good condition. The neck and underarms have a slight amount of yellowing and there was a stain on one of the detachable sleeves when I purchased it. I managed to get most of the stain out and the underarm yellowing is only noticeable when compared to other parts of the blouse. However, I only use a very mild detergent on my clothes so it might be possible to get it out all the way.

♥Measurements -
Bust: 75cm - 90cm*
Length: 35.5cm

*I'm not sure at what point it'll start to gape, so I tried to measure conservatively.

Price: $50 + shipping SOLD!
US: $6.50
Please inquire for international.

Proof of Ownership


Baby the Stars Shine Floral Dobby Check Halterneck JSK

This dress features convertible straps. You can either wear it halter style or with thin, regular style straps.

♥Condition - This was one of my first brand dresses. I bought this from another user on the sales community and have worn it a bunch of times. It has an allover used feeling - the fabric is no longer crisp and is a bit fuzzy and has a few pills. When I was washing it, I thought I saw a pill next to a seam that was a bit larger than normal, but now that I have the camera out, I can't find it. There's also some threads that need to be clipped, most notably around the buttonholes. Despite this, JSK still has a lot of life left in it, just please note that it's a used garment and I've priced it to reflect its condition.

♥Measurements - 92cm length, 115cm bust, 115cm waist, according to hello lace. I assume this is the absolute max, so please remember to leave a little room for breathing and comfort.

Hello lace link with additional pictures

Price: $80 + shipping SOLD!
US Shipping: $10
Please inquire for international.

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