Meliah (rottararottara) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!wtb: AP Headbow and Socks/Tights in Lavender, Pink, or Blue.

*PLEASE READ* General Info:
- I am from Georgia, US
- I have +26 positive feedback. Four of which haven't been added yet. I have no negative or neutral feedback.
- I'm paying with paypal
- I prefer US sellers to avoid high shipping cost but will consider international

I will gladly trade/partially trade any of my items for what I'm looking for:

Angelic Pretty Lavender, Pink, or Blue Headbow:

I'm looking for an AP headbow in lavender, pink, or sax.
I'm HIGHLY interested in buying the Sugary Carnival Heabow! Lavender being the priority color. I will consider sax or pink though. I'm also VERY interested in the dreamy dollhouse headbow or the jewelry jelly headbow.
Feel free to offer ANY AP headbow you have that is pink, sax, or lavender.

Replicas are okay too!

Lavender, Pink, or Blue Socks or Tights:
Preferably AP socks but will consider other brands.
I'm very interested in the dreamy dollhouse socks and the jewelry jelly socks.

Feel free to offer ANY AP socks you have that are pink, sax, or lavender.

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty
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