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Wtb: Angelic Pretty! US sellers only please!

Fedback: I found something thank you!
I'm finally giveing in and buying my first AP skirt or jsk for the AP mini party THIS Sunday, Sep 4th. I say US sellers only since It has to get here by this week end. Since I havn't had a chance to save up I am looking for a skirt in the $100 and under zone OR a jsk in the $150 and under zone (counting or not counting shipping). I might be willing to go a little higher depending on the item. I looked through Hello Lace and picked out some simple dresses and skirts that apealed to me. You can offer me things that arn't in these lists but they should have the same asthetic. I can pay amediatly! I am not a big fan of pail blue, pastel pink, lots of frills, undefined waists, one pieces or full sherring so PLEASE don't offer me any of that. (see bellow pic for examples) I have lavender socks from ap and white and black socks with strawberries from ap so if what your offering matches one of those its a pluss. I love true waisted dresses, black, red, white, lavender and mint, corseted tops and berries. Also haha yes I made these images very quickly in photoshop . Below are some of my favorites from AP. They are in general out of my price range at the moment but if you have one of these you are willing to sell for $200ish or lower I would love to take it off your hands. Offer away! The worst I can do is say no thank you :D! Should fit a smaller frame. Please comment with the name of your item and the cost!
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