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SS: San Francisco BTSSB, AP, Harajuku Hearts, BPN!

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Hello! I've been running SS's for lucky packs for a while but hadn't extended until now. However, I'd like to offer a shopping service for other items as well.

$20 for large items (JSK's, skirts, $150-$300 items)
$15 for medium items (blouses, purses, ~$150 items)
$10 for small items (socks, headbows)

If you want to add a small item to a larger order, the rate is potentially negotiable.

Where I Can Shop: Any store in San Francisco, including Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, and Harajuku Hearts. I can also shop at any online store that ships in the US.

Other Fees:
(1) San Francisco has an approximately 10% sales tax, so PLEASE, before you request an item, make sure you're ready to pay the extra 10% added on to your item price. For a JSK, this may add up to $30!
(2) Also, my rate is for payment sent as a "gift" via paypal, which avoids fees and protects me as a seller. Shopping services are very tricky, especially if someone backs out after I've already bought an item with no returns. I can do a service with an invoice, if you have significant feedback and can make up the difference for fees (sorry, I realize this is against Paypal's TOC, but I'd simply have to raise my rates otherwise, so it all ends up as the same thing).

Within the US, most shipping will be around $11 in a flat-rate box. For my SS, I am ONLY willing to ship express with tracking outside of the US if payment is sent by invoice, so that I am protected. If sent as gift, or if you have significant positive feedback, I can ship via whatever method you like.

I would prefer to only provide a service to those who have over 10 positive feedback, although I may be flexible about this.

(1)If you are in the US, please call the store in question to see if the item you want is available.
(2) Leave me a comment with the item you want, the item cost, your feedback link, and your paypal address (I won't invoice you until you confirm the total cost), and I will let you know what the total is!

Contact Info for the Stores:
BTSSB: (415) 525-8686,
Angelic Pretty: (415)788-0862

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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