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DS! Closet cleaning, offbrand blouses and a Heart E dress!

Hello everyone! This is my first sales post, so please let me know if anything is wrong...

My feedback can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/265532.html 
I ship from the Netherlands.
I have a rabbit who's hair gets EVERYWHERE. I will try to remove all hairs before sending stuff out, but please be aware that there still might be one left somewhere that I missed out upon.

I prefer paypal, but bank transfer is fine too. No E-checks or Western Union stuff!
Prices are WITHOUT shipping. Please let me know your location, as well as what kind of shipping you prefer, and I will find out the shipping cost for you.
I am NOT responsible for any damage or loss after the item is shipped.
Please respond by comment instead op PM, that way it's easier to keep track who wants what and who was first.

I'm looking to sell this stuff, but if anything awesome pops up I might be interested in a (partial) trade. Things I might be interested in are classic, pirate or steampunk items, and also anything that's made out of velvet. :P I am also looking for a dark red bonnet, preferably velvet, and a simple white or red-white skirt. Feel free to ask questions or haggle a bit. If you buy multiple items I'll try to give you a deal.

My little Puppit doll will be proof:

First up is a beautiful Heart E JSK:

This was my first lolita dress! I would love to keep it, but unfortunately my boobs decided to go on a growth spree and now I really don't fit into it anymore... :( I replaced the original bands with slightly longer ones to lengthen the dress a bit (it was a bit short on me, for a reference I'm 175 cm/ about 5' 7") and accomodate more bust. I don't think anyone will notice the difference in fabric or colour (see pictures, the shorter one is the original). I still have the original bands and will include those with the dress. Other than that adjustment is the dress in great condition, like new.

This dress came with a free petticoat (not much poof) and also made an underskirt for this dress to make the beautiful lace stand out more and add some more poof. The underskirt is not exactly a great work of art and is not lined, but it does the job. On the last picture I put both the petticoat and the underskirt underneath the dress. It looks like the underskirt is assymetrical, but I can assure you it' s not. It was just a bit tricky to lay it down neatly, as I do not have a mannequin. The underskirt and petticoat will come free with the dress.

Chest - about 85 cm max/ 34 inch max (elastic shirring in the back)
Waist -  80 cm max/ 31 inch max (elastic shirring in the back)
Length - (strap to hem) 87 cm/34 inch (note that wearing the underskirt with it will add about 8 cm/3 inch)
Asking price: 110 euros OBO.

Right, that was the Big Brand Item, now on to the rest...
Anna House Blouse with detachable sleeves:

I bought this off the community, but it turned out to be to big for me. It came to me with torned seams at the upper sleeves, but I fixed it and now it's completely unnoticable (see picture). Sleeves are detachable, light pink pearl buttons, light pink ribbon running through the blouse. It's a bit wrinkled right now, but I will iron it before I send it out.
Chest - about 90 cm/ 35-36 inch (it's kind of heard to measure with the gatherings)
Waist - about 86 cm/ 34 inch
Inner sleeve circumference: about 26 cm/ 10 inch
Asking price: 20 euros

Off-white/cream penny farthing blouse:

The blouse is offwhite, or even cream, with wine red old-fashion bikes and wine red lace. I hate to let it go, but again the boobage... I added two extra, hidden buttons to prevent gapping (see picture). This blouse has no shirring. It's a bit wrinkled but I will iron it before shipping. This blouse has an open collar (no top button, as you can see), I always used to pin it together with a brooch. A ribbon might also do the trick.
Chest - 85-90 cm max/ 33-35 inch max
Waist - 73-78 cm max/  29-31 inch max
Sleeve length -  57 cm/ 22 inch
Asking price: 7,50 euros.

White/ tiny bit off white classical blouse:

I always used to wear this with the red dress! It's a cute cotton/linen (not sure which one) old fashioned blouse with (fake) silver buttons. The blouse is not completely super-duper bright white, it's slightly darker, though I wouldn't call it off-white... A beautoful lace runs through the top of the sleeves. This blouse has no shirring. It is a bit wrinkly in the picture, but I will iron it before I send it out.
Chest - 80-94 cm max/ 32-37 inch max
Waist - 77-91 cm max/ 30-37 inch max
Asking price: 7,50 euros

Multiple-shirred bright white blouse:

This bright white blouse holds no shirring in the back, but makes up for that in the sleeves! :P It's a bit wrinkly on the picture, but I will iron it before I send it out.
Chest - 85-90 cm max/ 33-35 inch max
Waist - 70-76 cm max/ 27-30 inch max
Asking price: 6 euro

Detachable collar (no brand, bought second hand):

White detailed collar to wear with un-collared blouses. Unfortunately I lost the fastening button -.-' I can sew a plain white button to it, if you'd like, or you can use a really nice button yourself. I only used it once, with the short-sleeved blouse. There is a tiny difference in colour but it didn' t bother me. You could also use it to replace the not-so-lolita collar of the long sleeved white blouse.
Asking price: Free, I can include it if you buy any of the blouses, or you can claim it seperately: then you'd have to pay for shipping.

Red corduroy jacket:

A beautiful, high-quality red jacket with one-button closing. It's not bright red, slighty more purple-ish. Picture shows the actual colour quite well. This jacket is in like-new condition as I bought it new and only used it twice for formal occasions. Jacket is lined and very flattering. No shirring. I hate to let it go but there is just too much gapping for me now... *damn you, boobs!*
Chest - 85-91 cm max/ 33-36 inch max
Waist - 75-81 cm max/ 29-32 inch max
Asking price: 20 euros

I hope you see something you like, thanks for looking!

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