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DS! Bodyline, Offbrand, Handmade (plus size friendly) and more!

Serious buyers please!
Prices are in CAD
I will use paypal
The shipping + paypal fees are not included in the prices
I have cats but i'll wash everything before i ship the items to remove as much hair as i can!
Everything is in good condition unless it's stated.
Here's my feedback page : http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1123517.html
I will ship in padded envelopes (exept the shoes!)
You can ask for more pictures/info if you want!.
I might not be able to answer very fast =/ i'm having some trouble with my computer X.x
If it's a trade i'm mostly interested in black items but maybe ivory/white/red so just show me =3


Infanta cutsew 30$

Bust: 34" Waist: 28" Length: 20"
New! only tried it.

Kidsyoyo AP Replica Hoodie 55$

Back Hood Extra buttons Bow
Bust: 36" Waist: 34" Length: 20"
Only tried it on and it’s uber soft and warm! You’ll also get the removable bow, extra buttons and the bear necklace i got with it!

Marjour reversible dress 30$


Bust: 36" Waist: 36" Length: 30"
Weared only one time for a short time!


Handmade by me~
I'm not a professional so they're not perfect!
I messed a bit with the sizes but ended being plus size =3

Pony/Rainbow skirt! I have two of this one!~ 35$

Two-ways bow! Print
Waist: 28-52" Length: 20"

"Bambi" skirt~ 35$

Closeup of the bottom/print Hairclip
Waist: 32-44" Length: 14.5"
It's a bit short but would looks nice as a casual skirt!


Shoes~ 15$ or offer
Believe me or not they're are new and unworn..i just got them like that -_-"
Both are size 24

Front Back


Black whool coat~ 35$

Looks like the one from bodyline but the lace isn't the same.
It's new! Be aware that the shipping price might be a little more because it's heavy!
Max bust: 36" Max waist: 30" Length: 41"

Gothic lolita punk skirt~ 25$

This skirt is so poofy! weared like ~3-4 times.
Elastic waist: 26-36" Lenght: 14"-16" with lace

Rainbow socks~ 3$

Only tried on. Knee high.

Heart socks~ 3$

Only tried on. Knee high.

Dot socks~ 3$

Only tried on. Knee high. It's baby pink not white!

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