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DS: OTK sweet socks, sweet jewlery, chocomint swimmer, btssb chandelier jsk in black

i'm looking for a quick sale and may acept reasonable offers. Feel free to ask questions ut don't expect them to hold you the item.



Candy border socks SOLD in the local comm
AP pink hearts socks - worn, very few signs of wear - : 20€ + shipping
AP stripes in mink pink blue and yellow - worn, very few signs of wear - : 20€ + shipping
BTSSB berry pink socks - new without tags - 25€ + shipping
Bodyline black x white socks , no signs of wear  - 5€ shipped

Chocomint acessories

Chocomint big baby blue flufy bow : 7€ + shipping
Chocomint lavander flufy candy-bow : 4,5€ + shipping
Chocomint baby blue candy bracelet + pink candy clip + lavander candy clip: 10€ +shipping

Stars Necklace

i think it is brand but no idea whick one, new - 6€

Macarron necklace

the macarron is made of the rubber like material so it won't break, new - 6,5€

Plastic Candy necklace

everything in it is plastic - 7€


see-through rose ring - 3€
heart candy ring - 4€
white gigerman ring- 5€
black gingerman ring- 5€
AP cupcacke ring- 15€ SOLD
"sweets" ring - 4€
ribbon-bracelet, i belive it is from Swimmer - 7€ SOLD

regular shipping for socks and acessories: 2€ Europe, 3€ worldwide (tracked is more 2€), rings alone are 1€ Europe and 1,5€ worlwide

BTSSB Chandelier Flocky JSK in Black

measurements: Waist is FREE, it does not fit me in the bust, i reccomend for someone with a small cup or less than 90cm bust, it measures arroung 80cm in the underbust all streched, can go lower
condition; flawless, just a litle less sparkly than the original, the stock photo has a chain but i never got it so i don't know if it is missing or not included originaly
price: 150€, i am open to reasonable offers but keep in mind it is a pretty rare dress

shipping: 7,5€ tracked in Europe, 9,5€ tracked Worldwide

Sales conditions: 
- I'm selling to the frist one leaving they're paypal addres
- Take up to 4 usefull days to ship, but i'm ususally fast
- Shipping is not included
- I have cats 
- i acept payments with paypal and european bank tranfer
- i ship both normal and tracked but it's up to the buyer to choose and i don't take responsability after it leaves my hands.
- I'm not looking for trades but i may open exceptions to aatp prints

I have positive feedback here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/448180.html  +37
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, chocomint, swimmer
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