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AP Fantastic Dolly OP in Pink NWT

Feedback - Here

Currency and Pricing - All prices are listed in USD. Item prices include shipping (within North America) and PayPal fees. I am open to negotiating prices, but I reserve the right to decline any offer I deem too low.

Location - I reside in Orlando, Florida USA

Shipping - I will be shipping from Orlando, Florida. I would prefer to ship only within North America, but am willing to consider international shipping if no other offers are made. For US buyers, all items will be shipped via USPS standard Priority Mail. Shipping to Canada will be via First Class International to cut down on costs.

Payment - PayPal is strongly preferred (both CC and non-CC are welcomed).

Policies - Serious buyers only, please! The first person to show interest in an item has first dibs. If payment is not received within 72hrs of sending the invoice I will assume the buyer is no longer interested and cancel the transaction. I reserve the right to accept a higher offer for any item that has not been invoiced/paid for. All items will be shipped within the next 2 business days after payment is confirmed.

Contact - Feel free to post here, PM me, or you can email me at if you have any questions or concerns.

I am a non-smoker, but I do have a dog and although I do not allow her anywhere near my clothing, there is a possibility that some pet hair may be transferred. I will, of course, take every possible measure to prevent this, but if you are uncomfortable about this possibility (or have allergies) I would kindly ask that you take this into consideration before purchasing.

Angelic Pretty Fantastic Dolly One-piece (Pink)

Proof of condition (tags): Here

Stock Info: Here.

This is one of my dream dresses, but unfortunately the OP does not fit me, and there's no way for me to get around it. So I'd really like to see this go to a good home. =)

Condition: Mint - It is new with tags and has never been worn by me or the person from whom I purchased it. I have tried it on once, but only for a few minutes (if that) at which time I realized my shoulders are too wide for this dress to accommodate.

Size: Taken from Hello Lace
Bust - 93 cm
Waist - 73 cm
Length - 90 cm (including the tulle at the bottom)

Details: Comes with detachable waist ties, extra button and fabric swatch (Note: this piece is not shirred)

Price: $360

Feel free to request more detailed pics. Thanks for looking! =)
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty
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