Caity Boo (sewcutedesigns) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Caity Boo

SOLD!!!!!DT, !DS 20% reduction DOL Wonder Cookie Skirt in Pink!!!

REPOST: 20% reduction, or Trade!  Price in USD! Paypal Only! This is first to pay basis! For my comprehensive list of selling terms: I strongly urge you to read this! For sale or trade I have the DOL Wonder Cookie in Pink bow included. Size is around 27in-35in again I cannot stress enough that this is an estimate the size is adjustable because of the shirring and waist ties. These are my pictures it came to me with some factory flaws, and I am the second owner but I never wore it just tryed it on. I am not sure about the first owner. Price is $40  Now! $36 plus shipping for US buyers only.
*Notice the small factory spec on the heart, and the backward waist ties? feedback is located here: For Trade I am looking for any Skirts!! Thanks!
Tags: !ds, !dt
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