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Ds! 20% on this stuff

My feedback:
- I ship from Germany - I prefer EU buyer international are welcome (but the shipping cost are hight)^^

- Shipping not included in the price - I prefer Paypal (PP fees not included in the price) -
I dont have pets i don't smoke -
Prices are in euro -
for more pics ask^^ and sorry for my bad englisch^^´ Please NO TRADE at TIME <3 thank you

1. Metamorphose tales of wood  90Euro (first from 125 euro )new with tag pink lengh 50cm + Bund 4cm, Taille 64 - 69cm
2 Metamorphose Honey picnic skirt Mint 120Euro REDZUziert 90 euro (i found the dress and highwaist skirt ^^)  SOLD  

3 Innocent world socks like new ( i have not wearing outside (tried on ) (40euro old) % NEw 35Euro!  
5 Metamorphose necklace (25euro) %%19 Euro
6 Metamorphose necklace (25 euro) %%20Euro 7 Milky-chan socks (45 euro)%% 35Euro Good condition no stains no hols

Here my other sale: Dreamy dollhouse necklace and ring
Meta Blommers and other

Here my wtb. I search lot of bags. and milky-chan thinks.
I look urgent for a stary night pony in white. Thank you <3
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, innocent world, metamorphose
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