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DS/DT Sailor Dress, SS Tea Parties, 3 Sailor Shorts, Offbrand Blouses

Hello everybody! I'm shipping from the US. Feedback:
Here are the rules: First person to leave their paypal gets the item. I am open to trades. All measurements are flat, except for the dress. They are also amateur. If you disagree with a price, feel free to offer something else. Prices do not include shipping. International buyers welcome. Once shipped, I cannot be held responsible for it. Paypal only. All sales are final. Have questions? Ask!
Shirousa will be my proof.

Metamorphose Sailor OP Replica   SOLD!!!
Proof Picture:   
Detail Pictures:     
Replica Of:
$90 + Shipping, OBO
Bought from a seller on Etsy. I've had it for a couple of years, but only wore it once due to it not fitting me. Good quality. Laces up with shirring in the back. Buttons all the way to the bottom in the front.
Max Bust:   43 Inches ----------------- Min Bust: 32 Inches
Max Waist: 36 Inches ----------------- Min Waist: 24 Inches
Arm Hole: 16 Inches

Waist to Bottom: 21 Inches Shoulder to Waist: 16 Inches

  Black Sailor Shorts
Detail Pictures:   
A super cute pair of shorts. It's a true black, but I brightened the picture to show details.
$10 + Shipping
Waist: 41.5cm
Length: 31.5cm
Waist to Crotch: 21.5cm
Navy Sailor Shorts
Proof Picture:
Detail Pictures:    
$10 + Shipping
Navy colored with gold buttons. Has a stain on the back, shown in the second detail picture. I would suggest this for a fuller figure, as it's made of a jersey-like fabric. So if you're a small bit over these measurements, I think that it would work.
Waist: 41.5cm
Length: 32.5
Waist to Crotch: 25cm
Blue and White Sailor Shorts
Detail Pictures:   
$10 + Shipping
Incredibly adorable shorts. Quite short though. The button has fallen off, but I'm including it.
Waist: 32cm
Length: 28cm
Leg Hole: 29.5cm

Black Cardigan
Detail Picture: 
Sleeves go to the elbows, and the buttons stop just below the bust.
$7 + Shipping
Listed as a Medium. Ask for additional measurements if wanted.
Light Blue Blouse  SOLD!!!
 Detail Picture:   
A light blue blouse with a ruffled collar.
$7 + Shipping
Bust: 50cm
Waist: 48cm

Mint Bow Blouse

A minty teal blouse with ties for a bow.
$7 + Shipping
Bust: 53cm
Waist: 50cm

Blue Striped Blouse  
Thin enough you'll need to wear something under it. It has cute lace trim around the sleeve cuffs and in the middle of the shirt. $7 + Shipping
Bust: 47cm
Waist: 42cm

Black and White Old School Headdress
Bought at a convention several years ago and never wore it. Has three black roses sitting on the top. The lace is soft. Bought for $15.
$8 + Shipping

Secret Shop Red Tea Parties Size L SOLD!!!
I bought these in a large, but need the medium. One previous owner. Only tried on by me. In excellent condition.
Thank you for looking!
Tags: !ds, !dt, handmade, metamorphose, offbrand, secret shop
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