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DS: Milky Chan Replica, Loris heart bag, Handmade

 I ship from: Ecuador(South America)
I accept any questions :), also photo requests or proof request
Feedback here!

Milky Chan Replica + socks
75.00 USD + shipping

Details: Never worn, I bought it in Refuse to be usual but it didn't fit me :(, I made a headbow from the bow that was in the waist, it will be included.
Size: waist 72~82 cm - bust: ~90 - lenght 91 or 92

Loris Heartbag
25.00 USD + shipping

Details: Perfect condition, only used 2 or 3 times outside, no flaws

RedxBlack handmade set
55.00 USD + shipping

Details: It is a strapless jsk, an inside black cutsew and a black underskirt
Size: 94 ~ 96 cm bust, 82~84 cm waist, lenght 92 cm

This is the cutsew, it's made of cotton and chiffon sleeves

thanks <3

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