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!DS: KODONA ITEMS, AATP, Metamorphose, Chantilly, Kokusyoku Sumire, Innocent World


☆ Rules Are Subject To Change.

★ I accept Paypal Only.

☆ I have the right to refuse a sale.

★ If you state that you wish to purchase an item, you must give me your Paypal email address within the next 10 minutes.

☆ I reserve the right to refuse to ship to certain countries.
★ Upon receiving an invoice, payment should be sent within 3 hours.


☆ My feedback page can be viewed here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/562667.html


★ I charge a flat-rate of $6 for clothing or smaller items within the USA. This covers travel cost & packing (I normally try to include something else cute in each package also!)

☆ Bulkier Purchases (Bags, multiple items, etc.) will vary in shipping price.

★ Items that include shipping only count towards purchases shipped within the USA ☆ You may request a specific form of shipping!

Innocent World Teddy Bear Muffler - 10th Anniversary // $45 Shipped

Chantilly x Kokusyoku Sumire SIGNED Tote bag // $20 Shipped SOLD

ALICE and the PIRATES Opera OP // $110 + Shipping SOLD

36" Bust

ALICE and the PIRATES Plaid Vest // $50 Shipped SOLD

38" Bust 19" Length

ALICE and the PIRATES Plaid Knickers // $35 Shipped (Damaged button on bottom)

35" Waist (Kinda big!)

ALICE and the PIRATES Castle of Nightmare Ivory Vest // $90 + Shipping SOLD

37" Bust 18" Length

Metamorphose Wine Velveteen knickers // $40 Shipped (Damaged Button on top)

27.5" Waist

ALICE and the PIRATES White Opera Blouse // $60 + Shipping SOLD

38" Bust 20" Length 29" Waist

ALICE and the PIRATES Black Vest // $55 + Shipping SOLD

38" Bust 21" Length
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright, indie brand, innocent world, metamorphose
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