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DS: AP, Meta, ETC, and Sailor Pattern! One Plus size friendly jsk! Also WTB Cyperous wig w/ Bangs

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AP Miracle Candy Triple Frill JSK in blue- $215 SOLD

Normal Tulle

Part with Tulle ironed

According to Hellolace
Max Bust: 88~98cm bust
Max Waist: 70~80cm waist
Length: 82cm

Love this dress, but it's sadly too short for on me. The back is fully shirred, so fairly plus sized friendly. I bought this from Y!Japan Auctions, and other than a slight piece of the tulle being burned (apparently she ironed that part, based on my Google translation) it is in great condition. Not really noticeable since the tulle is so light. The seller only wore it three times, and I only tried it on. Definitely cute and great for those who like to wear lolita more casually.

ETC Polka Dot Bolero in blue-$50

Max Bust: It's pretty stretchy, but to look best, I'd say 90cm

Super soft and adorable ETC bolero. Small, even polka dots pattern the almost turquoise blue.

Meta Tank Top in black- $40

Max Bust:95cm
Max Waist:80cm

This is a really cute tank, a bit form fitting and great for casual wear.

Sailor Lolita Pattern-$15

I bought this pattern with the intent of making my own sailor dress, but eventually realized I don't have the discipline to sit and make a whole dress. ;_; Hopefully this can go to someone who can put it to good use. Came to me with the patterns already cut out, but everything's there, as well as instructions.

Though the pattern looks as if it's written for young girls, the measurements (chubbies, as the pattern calls it) end up being fairly suitable for the average person who fits into brand, with room for adding or subtracting fabric in the three measurements.

The pattern is complete with all 13 printed pattern pieces and detailed instruction sheet. The envelope is in very good condition with wear to the flap.

The measurements are supposed to be:
Bust: 34.5in


I'm looking for a dark brown Cyperous wig with bangs, sort of like this:

Tags: !ds, *plus size, angelic pretty, emily temple cute, metamorphose, offbrand
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