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-My feedback:
-I ship from Italy
-Price not includes shipping
-I accept trade just with JSK or the things i've in "WTB"
-I can do more photos if you ask
-The measures are in CM
-All the prices are in Euro
-I've deleted the photos from the camera, so I post the collage with the information -in italian-. All the information is write under the pictures in English too.

1. Angelic Pretty School Serie Skirt 70€ SOLD

Color: RedxWhite
Waist: 60cm min 73/74cm max
I'm the second owner, the first owner never used it -as I know-. I wear it one time.
Condition: Perfect, like new.
I sell it because I see I never wear skirts, I prefer Jsk.

2. Bodyline Cherry Skirt 17€

Color: White
Waist: 75cm max
I'm the third owner, the first and the second owner never used it -the second has just removed the tag-. I just try it at home.
Condition: Perfect, like new.
I sell it because I see I never wear skirts, I prefer Jsk.
The skirt includes the skirt bow (can see on the stock photo). I've just forgot to take it in the picture.

3. Bodyline Sweet Skirt 22€

Color: MintxBlack
Waist: 76cm max approximately -ask for precise measures-
I'm the first owner, used only one time.
Condition: the closing is detached on a side, if someone is interested i can sew it without problem. -you can see the damage on the smallest picture, sorry for the quality-
The skirt includes a pin-bow and the waist ties. I've just forgot to take in the picture.
I sell it always for the same reason.

4. Bodyline Corset Skirt 30€

Color: Black
Waist: Approximately 78cm max -ask for precise measures-
I'm the first owner, wear 3 times.
The edge of the corset has a rose decor, very beautyfull.
Sold out on the BL site.
I've paid it a lot, but I don't use anymore.
I have worn photos too.

5. Bodyline Petticoat 10€

Color: Yellow Cream
Waist: 60cm min 90cm max
Heart embroidery.
I'm the second owner, the first owner wear it little times. I wear it 4 times.
Condition: Like new.

6. Bodyline Socks

Pink: used 3 times, have spots under the feet, I wash it but them don't go away. 6€
Lightblue/white: Never used, perfet condition. 8€
Mint: used 1 time, perfect condition. 7€
All: 18€

I'm interested in:
-RH shoes, measure 25.5/26 cm. Any colour. Pref: Black or White or Red (the close rh too, only black)
-Melissa Heart shoes, measure 25.5/26 cm. White with blue heart. (can find image in the facebook wishlist)
-Heart Buckle shoes, measure 25.5/26 cm. Pink x white.
-BTSSB/AP Headbow, pink x white, full white.
-Swimmer headphones
-Jsk/op. I prefer BTSSB or AP, but accept BL. -you propose-
Here you can find my wishlist -almost complete- :

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