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DS: Mini Closet Cleaning & WTB: AP accessories

---- Read Me <3 ----- 
I have two cats but they have absolutely no access to my wardrobe! 
Paypal only please! I am located in the Channel Islands, UK. 
All sales are final. 
I am not responsible for any lost packages! 
Shipping is not included so please ask for a quote ^_^ 
----- Thank you -----

Hello Kitty will be my proof! ^_^   SOLD Bodyline Cream shoes - 25 cm - UK size 6 (I wear a size 5 and they're huge on me!) There is one light scratch which is barely noticeable, and some light wear on the part of the ankle straps which attach to the buckle! Overall very good condition!   Scuff (not really visible, as the camera couldn't pick it up - sorry!)   

Blue offbrand heart bag - I love this bag but I just have nothing to go with it! There are a few small scratches and some fingerprint marks (which I'm sure can easily be removed), but overall it's it very good condition ^_^   

SOLD Cream Sweet Angel Bolero - size small - UK size 6/8 (I wear a size 8 and it just about fits me!) Max bust I would say is 34 inches if you wanted to wear it open and 32 if you wanted to do up the buttons!  It has attached waist ties and very nice detailing. However there are some faded makeup stains on inside of the bolero, overall good condition! 
Sleeve detail~   

And WTB:  Angelic Pretty accessories and socks!  ^_^ especially pink things <3 Show me what you've got! 

Thank you very much for reading <3 
Tags: !ds, !wtb, angelic pretty, bodyline, indie brand, offbrand
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