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DS/DT: Angelic pretty, handmade, offbrand WTB: Baby, Angelic pretty

Hello, I live in France.I ship worldwide but the shipping could be really expensive.I only accept paypal exept for french buyer.
Prices are in euro.
Shipping and paypal fees are not included.
I do not smoke but I have a cat.
I'm not responsable for lost/damaged packages.
My feedback is here:
The teddy bear is my proof
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DS/DT:
Here, there is an handmade skirt in navy blue and white.
In really good condition, it is just some fabric and an elastic but it is simple to wear and comfortable.
Price: 10€

And here a pair of lace mittens in cream pink
Perfect condition, only tried on.
Price: 3€
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WTB/DT:
I want to buy Innocent world pompadour skirt in any color(I prefer green), angelic pretty wonder story skirt in red or black, and Baby the stars shine bright blooming snow white underbust jumperskirt in cream or blue.
I also accept trades for other items, just show me!!
And sorry for my bad english.

Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, handmade, innocent world, offbrand
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