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URGENT DS!: Dear Celine JSK, Offbrand JSK and blouse

This is an urgent DS because I really need to get these sold asap! I'm trying to raise money to travel to London to view my work in a famous photographers exhibition space **coughcough big opportunities that I really don't want to miss out on!** Sorry for the mini sob story but it would be wonderful to get these sold quickly, they're all beautiful pieces and I hope they find a new home to love them!

Off-Brand JSK £25 Inc. Shipped in the UK

(Excuse the bad photo and the mess!!)

Bust - 24-28 inches? Waist - 26-28 Inches (*The dress is slightly more of a cream colour irl)

  Dear Celine JSK £40 shipped in the UK (very heavy!)
The postage costs will be high for buyers from other countries due to this being a slightly heavier dress. Waist - 28 Inches Bust - 32 Inches Sorry for the terrible photos of this dress! It's not at all shiny, I just shouldn't photograph dark clothing at night hahaha. It also has a wonderful velvet trim at the bottom!  

Vintage Lilac Blouse £15 shipped (may lower the price slightly) Size UK8-10
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