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DT/DA Mary Magdalene OP in Navy, also small WTB and link to old sales

General Rules of Engagement
Shipping is not included
Paypal fees will be calculated with this website
I reserve the right to not sell to certain people based on FB
I ship as early as I can, but I am working full time now, and may not have time until the weekend
I will notify you of when I expect to ship
I will include insurance free of charge
International bids welcome, but will have to be shipped priority at least.
Do not pm me unless you comment here
My feedback 49(+)

Mary Magdalene Elizabeth OP in Navy
Condition: Used, but professionally dry cleaned, in excellent condition. No signs of wear.
I bought this online, but alas the max measurements were indeed max.
Measurements (hello lace) : 94cm length, 88cm bust, 67cm waist (MAX)
Hello Lace link

The dress will come with both ribbons, and the bib is removable.
Proof 1, Proof 2, Proof 3

DA Rules
  • The Auction Ends at 11:59pm (Eastern Time) Sunday August 28th, 2011
  • The Starting Price is : 212 USD
  • Please bid in increments of 5 USD.

  • BIN : 375 USD ( Please do this through pm)

  • If I find a trade, the auction will be canceled, unless it has been BIN'ed

  • If you outbid someone, reply to their post with your bid, so that they are notified. I can't be on LJ all the time, and I don't want some to feel jipped.
  • Serious bidder only

Direct Trade/ Partial Trade
AP Ichigo Mille Feuille skirt in Mint
AP Magical Etoile Bib JSK in red
AP Magical Etoile skirt in red

Want to Buy
Metamorphone Candy Star Rabbit head bow, hair pins, or tote bag in navy

Link to my old sales

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